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I am newbie in Direct equity area (and age below 30 ). In early 2016, I came across Coffee Can Idea (Original idea from Rob Kirby) & VP forum, both of which attracted me towards Direct Equity. I started with Ambit’s Coffee Can Idea to approach portfolio construction and hence it is tilted towards high-quality large caps.

Porfolio includes names such ITC, Lupin, Asian Paints, HCL tech, Cadila healthcare, GSK Cons healthcare, Colgate and Page etc. As of now, I plan to keep 25-30% of my long-term equity allocation in Businesses/Companies via stocks (rest in MFs).I will take a call on the future course of action based on how my initial picks perform and my understanding of businesses evolves.

Rationals - The approach is tilted toward high-quality names (which off-course have hefty price tag). I believe in a long run for a low churn portfolio, Consumption-led business will do better.

Please provide your views, feedback and constructive criticism to this approach.

Disclosure: I am not a SEBI registered Investment advisor. This thread is for learning/illustration purpose only. This is not a buy/sell reco, please do your own research before making any investment decision.

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I read about the Coffee can portfolio suggested by Ambit some days ago. As a concept it seems very interesting. They have put up results of some back tested portfolios as well.

And if u are new to the game and dont track or analyse a lot of companies, doing this sort of thing does seem the right thing to do.


here is the original 1984 Journal of Portfolio Management article by Rob Kirby - the person who coined the term “the coffee can portfolio”
the-coffee-can-portfolio.pdf (487.5 KB)

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Dear Hitesh Bhai if possible please share with us the Coffee can report of ambit.

You can view it here