Vijay's Portfolio


I would like to share my existing portfolio, and invite feedback from valuepickr seniors and their valuable comments regarding the allocations .

STOCK %age allocation
Repco Home Finance 18.0%
Kaveri Seeds 17.2%
IndusindBank 14.0%
Gruh Finance 10.6%
Astral Polytechnik 9.8%
Hawkins 8.5%
PageInds 3.5%
Ajanta Pharma 3.0%
VST Tillers 2.7%
HDFC Bank 1.8%
Titan 1.6%
Dhanuka Agritech 1.4%
Bajaj Corp 1.1%
Avanti Feeds 0.9%
Atul Auto 0.7%
PI Inds 0.3%

I have been into investing in stocks for the past 2 years inspired by TED and now Valuepickr. The Valuepickr stocks have been recent additions since joining valuepickr few months back. The tail looks very weak because I have recently started nibbling on stocks like VST Tillers, Atul Auto, Avanti, PI Inds, Dhanuka to keep them on a radar and would like to increase allocations to a couple of them in future.

I missed adding PI Inds by a whisker and the time I decided to increase allocation in the stock, it sprinted ahead of reach.

The quality of all companies is great but allocation can be improved.

Repco and Gruh are similar companies and a combined allocation of around 30% of portfolio to them seems pretty high.

Good list of companies.

Financials occupy close to 40% plus of your portfolio… I think most of the financials are well discovered and priced to perfection… From hereon all these financials are likely to provide compounding returns at the most as compared to other non financials where you might get outsized returns.

Thanks Hitesh and Ankur,

Even I have that concern that financials occupy a major part of my portfolio, because these have been my favourites since TED days.

YES Bank was my favourite, which I completely sold off before the recent carnage and increased allocation to Indusind, sincein my opinionit isless volatile than YES Bank.

I had sold a major portion of Page Inds few months back, as I felt the valuations were getting stretched and allocated the same in Kaveri and Astral.

I wanted to increase my allocation to PI Inds, Atul Auto and Ajanta Pharma but these 3 have run up like they are on steroids.

According to your opinion, which ones in the non-financials in my current list should I increase allocation at the current price.


I would like to have valuable feedback from valuepickr seniors on the revised portfolio

Stock %age Allocation
Kaveri Seeds 18.5%
Repco Home Fin 17%
Astral Polytechnik 11%
Indusind 10%
Gruh 9%
Hawkins 7%
Ajanta Pharma 5%
VST Tillers 4%
Page 3%
Avanti Feeds 2%
PI Inds 3%
Dhanuka Agritech 2%
JB Chemicals 1%
Atul Auto 1%
Canfin Homes 2%
Cash 4%

Have reduced Indusind and HDFC Bank. Would like to have your suggestions if Indusind needs to be trimmed further.

Repco and Gruh Finance - both have been giving steady returns and look set to compound atleast at 25% CAGR for the next few years. Hence am reluctant to sell them.

If I have to partially sell Indusind, which stock/s should i allocate the funds to.



I think keeping the top 4 you can merge all others into Gruh, Ajantha and Page.