Vicky kumar portfolio

i have been tracking this site since 2 years and finally thought to make an id and share my portfolio…would be open to amend my portfolio if a new opportunity arises…

cera–35%–due to price increase weight in portfolio increased

page–20%-- same here


atul auto-10%


others–10% here i make entry into stocks and slowly make some of them in above 10% weight stocks depending on performance with extra cash put in…some of the stocks are pi industries.shilpa medi…manjushree…muthoot cap…acrysil…intec…etc

Hi vicky,
Excellent portfolio.Assuming you haven’t entered Page,Astral very recently,you should continue holding these companies for long-term.All are well run,good companies & except Page,each of them has a thread on ValuePickr. Good going :slight_smile:

thanks sagar

yes i keep holding the stocks unless i see technical reasons to sell or some fundamental shifts…as long as margin of safety is built on average purchase price …i keep adding the same stocks which are performing…i follow some other strategies etc on different stocks as per script…

at same time i keep eye on other stocks which i know would do well but are not performing now…may be i buy them on technicals again …to get out performance…

stocks like tata elxsi with mkt cap still of 1200 cr …sales of 600-800 cr…is worth a buy at 250-300 levels again if we can get…i see this co to be a 4000-5000 cr mkt cap over long term when sales would reach 2000-3000…may be then mkt cap of 10000–10 times from here is not ruled out…just have to see that opm margin of the co should increase to respectable level of abt 17-18%…then sky is limit…

so there are many stocks which i hold on but under a different portfolio…apart being shared…



due to run up and adequately priced…booking profits in ajanta pharma and increasing exposure in others.

Ajanta has been surprising on the upside when it comes to earnings in the recent quarters.So,I don’t think it is a good idea to exit it completely.According to research reports,the company is still expected to report 50%+ PAT growth in Q3,& with a slow/steady entry in the US markets,Ajanta’s multiples look justified.
Anyways,it’s your call.Good luck.

increasing exposure and averaging on the upmove –

tata elxsi

granules–playing with technicals



ajanta pharma

exiting-- looking on technicals–



when in doubt—play technicals

waiting for the stocks to move up …to average on upside…

page and pvr have deep stop losses…hence unless they get there wont be a exit…

new stocks in focus–

muthoot cap

zee media

atul ltd