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So I can see ValuePickr meeting is happening in many cities, Would like to connect with like minded people from Pune. Please respond to this thread with below details :
Mobile number:

Based on responses, we can from a whatsapp group and then can formalize the group and meeting.

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Count me in as well. Send my details in seperate PM


I too look forward to meeting fellow VPers.

But I was just looking at your profile. It says “Joined 3 hours ago”.
Are you using an alias here ?
Would help if you can clarify.

Ya I am using alias ove here.
I will Create a whats app group of the mobile numbers received

I am in pune too…

Name : Vaibhav

Please add me to - I sent you a message
Name - Amol - Learning and investing since last 7 years

Hello Raj,

Did you create a whatsapp group yet? Please add me accordingly. Have shared the mobile number in my earlier post.

Hi Raj,

Can you please add me? I sent you a message with my mobile # .

I don’t want to be a part of another whatsapp group but please do post the planned meeting details on the thread. I would love to join.

I have created whatsapp Valuepickr Pune group for Pune Investors. Those who are from Pune and wish to join can post your number here or message me

Sure Rohit. We will do that. We really want to have your presence for such gathering.

One suggestion from my side…
Apart from just meeting ppl, it would be good to have some kind of agenda. In case we want to have presentations, we will have to select a venue with appropriate facilities…projector etc

Any suggestions where we can have meet up in Pune?

corinthian club…we all can meet

Corinathan club will be a far away place for many of us.
Any central place would be good.
Also we need to think about the cost part as well…corainthian club is a partying spot

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I think some place in Deccan could be central for all.

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Deccan me traffic ka problem hain…and we may not get spacious restaurant…Changali chauk,??

Strong group of 28 members on whatsapp and still expecting more…

Nikhil Doshi

Edit - removed contact details

Ok will add you guys…