ValuePickr Public Portfolio

Shriram City Union Finance is an NBFC, part of the dormant VP Portfolio.

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@sta Obviously you haven’t understood my message or I haven’t used the correct choice of words. Let’s not debate on that.

I don’t count myself unlucky or unfortunate at all, in fact it’s quite the contrary and I am extremely lucky that I started investing in July 2013 and in August 2013 the Sensex was <20k (around the lowest point in the last 2 years), which has meant that even with my extremely low knowledge at that time I have been able to make decent profits in the past 2 years. However, if it was the start of a bear phase, I might have forever shied away from equities.

The point is - I like a lot of other fairly new users, reading through the different threads of companies discussed here, can easily notice the difference in frequency of activity from the old-timers over the past year. (Although it has greatly increased since the new forum design and made it a lot more user friendly as well)


I really like your comments around "India and Indian businesses are at an inflection point. When we started out in 2010, it was a difficult to come across a great well-managed emerging business capable of taking on global competition and hold their own. Today we are astonished to find more and more companies have that belief in their capabiities, are doing an world-beating job (on top of execution), and there are enabling tailwinds in many sectors of manufactured exports from India, which are likely to be there for next 5-10 years at the least.

The more we meet such companies, the more this belief is getting strengthened in us (no matter all the struggles/logjam in domestic policy/law-passing, credit and capex cycle stalling) that the next 10 years is really India’s decade. There are hungry managements having the belief and the self-confidence, with execution skills and the required growth mindset - that are well-placed to harness the opportunities/rise up to the challenges in front of them. We are meeting many more such companies every year today, than we could find in 2010-11. So there is no reason for anyone to sit back on their laurels. Its about passion - its about the VP disruptive model - its about making a real difference in equity investing in India."

Reinforces faith and renews optimism around Indian equities.

Regarding your other comments, I’ve read enough articles/books reinforcing the risks of riding on borrowed conviction (classic examples of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala cult following where people madly clone his portfolio without actual position sizing he has) or not doing your own due diligence (have already burnt my fingers in poor companies).

But sometimes, you need a helping hand to differentiate the better business and future prospects between MPS, CCL Products and Atul Auto (examples). As you suggested, probably the way to go “quietly do the work themselves and actively seek out mailing/meeting/learning from the seniors.”

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I don’t think I have any right to comment on whether there should be a Valuepickr Public Portfolio or not. For the simple reason that I have been a very infrequent visitor, so much so that I wasn’t even aware of the existence of Valupickr Public Portfolio till last month! There are pros and cons of both having and not having and I guess its a tough call for senior VPers too.

However I do wanted to share couple of thoughts related to the new user activity mentioned by @gurjota. As the popularity of Valuepickr increases, it will attract more and more non serious investors, just looking for tips and recommendations and posting casual queries about their portfolio and new ideas. (For that matter even I am a non serious investor, but then I don’t start casual threads asking for views). Over a period of time this will clutter the forum and separating the good threads from bad will itself become a task of separating the wheat from the chaff!

In this context a good example to share is of team bhp forum. I have browsed through it sometimes and what strikes one immediately is that each and every thread is worth reading and it adds value to the forum. It appears that they have strict rules around anyone posting a new thread adhering to a certain basic quality criteria and the threads are kept in draft mode till it becomes worthy of becoming part of the mainstream threads. Thereafter also any reply is which is just for the sake of responding is often flagged by moderators as irrelevant and if I am not wrong then it gets deleted. Depending on the thread topic, the threads are merged in to existing threads, closed or perhaps even deleted. I don’t think its fair to expect moderators here spending time doing such stuff, but perhaps having a strict rule that anyone posting a new idea should complete the basic valuepickr template would automatically eliminate most of these cluttering non value add threads. Moderators can just flag threads as junk or replies as junk if they happen to notice one.

A second example which comes to mind is of microcapclub. Only members have access and I am not a member. However recently they have come out with a plan that they want to launch paid read only access. Posting rights remain only with members, and you can become a member only through an application process, wherein 70% of existing members like your submission. (Not sure if its a new idea, or just your professional experience. Perhaps it is former). I am no way suggesting that valuepickr should go the way of having a paid access view rights only or any such thing, but was just wondering if there can be some kind of filter/restriction before you are allowed to post a new thread. By default you can just view and not spread clutter and seek advice all the time.

I do understand that there are lots of people who want to be hand held and guided and so on. But I am not sure if posting casual threads and questions is the right way to go about it instead of first taking the trouble to go through the educative threads and imbibing those learnings. I for one would want to take that trouble even if I manage to do that in months along with my professional commitments. Would recommend @Donald to have a look at team bhp from this angle and share his thoughts.


Hi Rudra,
First of all i would like to thank you creating the valuable and amazing sheet you have created. keep up the good work.
is this scorecard will be updated periodically?
Is this is a sample portfolio or any investments held on this portfolio as mentioned?

Hello aguresh,

The portfolio is based on the earlier recommendations made at VP with prices updated from Google finance on automatic basis.

The rationale has been clearly mentioned in one of the sheets.

As discussed above, the portfolio has been discontinued in it’s present form. So any reference to the above would be for academic/reference interest only and should not be construed as investment advice in any form.

Hope this helps.

Any update on this thread? Since long valuePickr has not updated

Hello Experts , been waiting for any update on this thread for long :slight_smile:
Time to review public portfolio for 2017…


It will be great , if the VP Portfolio gets updated. Thanks.



  1. Buffett every year releases share holder letters with his holdings
  2. All News channels cnbc, ndtv, etc., and now regional news channels also giving stock picks and explaining the reasons behind it.
  3. Analysts like Porinju, Vijay kedia, etc., are giving stock suggesstions on Twitter and news channels.
  4. Even Brokerage companies like hdfc securities, reliance give suggestions

Then why cant we have a discussion here from Valuepickr about the holdings they have and why they choose these companies, what is this restriction from SEBI


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Valuepickr is not one person. All forum members and active participants make up this forum. Most senior members talk about stocks they like, follow etc in individual stock threads.

However, it is also important to appreciate that some may not wish to make their portfolios public for personal reasons. Knowing what others hold in their personal portfolio does not add any value to our own conviction in buying / selling / holding. Each one needs to build their own conviction in the stocks that they own.


I want to know from moderators to know if this thread holds significance any longer as the original purpose is lost due to SEBI regulations.Wouldnt it be prudent to close it due to avoid expectations of new members?


@paraacbe has a valid point.

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I was not asking anyone to disclose their portfolio or Blindly copying other people’s holdings.
I went through this complete thread and see that initially for every six months the stock suggestions or holdings were disclosed which is not happening currently. This might be due to sebi restrictions that’s why I gave examples of how people give their value picks and why cant we have it again as we used to have earlier which would be beneficial to everyone


I think this a good idea considering the current state.


It helps a lot of newbies like me if say once a month or a quarter or even a year, the veterans give us their actions during the time and the thought process primarily.

I have continued to remain invested now after losing a lot already. Lot of ppl are exiting till situation becomes clear… Would be interesting to know what experienced folks are thinking…

I’m definitely not a senior, but If you haven’t made any changes to the folio following is something I could recommend -

  1. Time to weed out the low quality from the higher one. Exit companies which seemingly will continue to suffer from the slowdown and recover late.
  2. Create a watchlist of companies you would like to own for the next 3-5 years. Read about them.
  3. Built assets in other asset classes like gold and liquid funds to diversify yourself.


Problem is the bad companies are the ones which have corrected the most and feel like have the highest potential to gain if they dont go bankrupt… For Eg: Edelweiss, PNB finance etc are trading at very low PE

I am putting new money in 90:10 ratio in good companies (ITC, Bajaj Holdings, HDFC Bank, CDSL, Zee, SJVN, PowerGrid) and risky ones (IDFC, Edelweiss, Delta Corp, NOCIL, Sonata, Persistent, Cupid)

I really want to exit PNB finance but dont feel like booking so much loss.

Booking loss is a very liberating experience. Break the habit of holding onto losers once and you will never hold them beyond a point. Rip the bandage, the next day you will feel a burden lift from your shoulders.

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I think VP have to seriously rethink at public portfolio strategy or at least have like this threads, for the long run:

My Two cents:

Every Tom, D and Harry comes on Twitter/TV and recommends stocks and promotes their own interests, off-course with a standard statement saying we have vested interests or recommended to clients.

VP also should come out with some standard disclosures, may be at the beginning of the thread itself, saying/naming these are the VP FAVORITE BUSINESSES or VP MOST EXCITING or VP INTERESTING or VP EMERGING MOAT BUSINESSES, any name.

Off course most of all here, are following in their disclosures in the individual company discussions.

Even though nowadays there are lot of discussions going on VP on Theory/Macros, I always think implementing that theory into practice(the art) is one thing, which is most difficult part. We here in VP discuss a lot on individual businesses, This is the high time VP to come out of THEORY/MACRO UNDERSTANDING and implement in PRACTICE.

PORTFOLIO strategy or creation or building is the most important thing in achieving financial freedom than picking or discussing individual businesses.

Example: In the Covid-19 correction, financial/Auto/Reality/Infra heavy portfolio are bleeding heavily say in comparing with FMCG/speciality chemicals/Pharma heavy portfolio.

I think this is the right time to restart this concept.