ValuePickr Public Portfolio

I think VP have to seriously rethink at public portfolio strategy or at least have like this threads, for the long run:

My Two cents:

Every Tom, D and Harry comes on Twitter/TV and recommends stocks and promotes their own interests, off-course with a standard statement saying we have vested interests or recommended to clients.

VP also should come out with some standard disclosures, may be at the beginning of the thread itself, saying/naming these are the VP FAVORITE BUSINESSES or VP MOST EXCITING or VP INTERESTING or VP EMERGING MOAT BUSINESSES, any name.

Off course most of all here, are following in their disclosures in the individual company discussions.

Even though nowadays there are lot of discussions going on VP on Theory/Macros, I always think implementing that theory into practice(the art) is one thing, which is most difficult part. We here in VP discuss a lot on individual businesses, This is the high time VP to come out of THEORY/MACRO UNDERSTANDING and implement in PRACTICE.

PORTFOLIO strategy or creation or building is the most important thing in achieving financial freedom than picking or discussing individual businesses.

Example: In the Covid-19 correction, financial/Auto/Reality/Infra heavy portfolio are bleeding heavily say in comparing with FMCG/speciality chemicals/Pharma heavy portfolio.

I think this is the right time to restart this concept.