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Mumbai folks, was thinking if some of you would be interested in forming a group and meeting across on a regular basis, lets say once a month; wherein you can pick one company of your choice, prepare a small presentation/ note and discuss in the meet.



I would love to be part of this.

I would also be interested

count me in too. once we have a sizable group, we can decide the logistics.

Added on Sept 25.
As suggested by the Admin, here is a brief info about myself
Experience - 15 Years
Style - Growth
Interest Areas - Diverse
Qualifications - BE, CFA

perfect Harry and Yogesh. Agreed lets wait for a few more, before discussing the operational stuff.

I am also interested.

I would also love to join. Count me in.

Will love to be a part of such a healthy group. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested too!

Ill also be interested in this meet.

I’m also interested.

would be keen!Currently out of mumbai, but returning soon

Would be keen. I believe we can get a lot of people from Mumbai

I’m also interested.

me too… Please include my name…

I would be interested.

I too would be interested to be a part of this.

9/11 is just the right day to start!

I suggest we meet at Cafe Ideal on Marine Drive near chowpatty if that’s convenient for many. We get drinks there too :slight_smile: I am returning to Mumbai on Sept 10. Will try to prepare a presentation if time permits but since this is a first meeting, may be we break the ice over a drink to start with.

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Please share the details of the location and time.

Count me in! Please share a google spreadsheet once location is fixed…Depending on the time to prepare, will prepare a company and come

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