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Dear fellow ValuePickrs,

I was going through the ValuePcikr Chennai group and it looks like there a quite a few ValuePickrs from Coimbatore. So, I am starting this thread as a means to arrange meets and get to know other value investors staying in the vicinity.
We can start off by introducing ourselves and briefly describing our investment journey till date. Also, I plan to start a whatsapp group around this, so interested members can ping their number to 8235371676 (this number is for WhatsApp only, dont send SMS to this number).

@admin: If you find this group unnecessary or if the response is lackluster please feel free to delete this thread.

Thank you.

Hi am S.Karthikeyan, living in Coimbatore. My EMail: Mobile: 9488161705
Please add me.

Hello Team,

Thanks for starting the thread Ramakanth.
I’m Shyam from Cbe. I work in IT. I learn & practice investing in my free time and am interested in discussing and learning value investing with fellow members.

Happy to be part of any meet ups\discussions.


Hello All,
Nice to know about Coimbatore chapter, Anbazhagan here, I am currently working in Mysore and native of Coimbatore. Usually travel to Coimbatore on alternate weekend
My contact number is 9980431453


It’s Spam
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Please add 9652108219 to WhatsApp


Hi , this is Suresh from Coimbatore. I’m an amateur investor . I hope to learn the art of investing by joining ur group . Kindly add me . My number is 9994903090

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Hello Varun,

Thanks for the response. I do not have Whatsapp on my mobile currently. Will ping you in a few days by when i expect to change my mobile.