ValuePickr Kolkata

I was thinking that we can have a periodic (monthly / fortnightly) meeting of members based in Kolkata. Objective is to discuss topics related to investments, businesses / industries and specific stocks.

If anyone is interested it would be good if you reply to this message. We can start if we get a reasonable number of interested people.

Note: We need to figure out the logistics of the meet based on how many people are interested



I am from Kolkata and i could not be more happy with this idea.

I am a voracious reader and will be happy to share clips, articles i feel are relevant.

I am hoping these meetings pressure me to migrate to do better analysis using screener, business quality framework etc.

Logistics:Building community hall (near elgin road) can be put to use initially. Better logistics options as suitable to all are always preferred.


I am in. I know of a few friends who would be interested. Lets take this forward. Lets start with whatever we have

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Great Initiative @basumallick . I will be there.

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Great Idea…would be happy to be apart of it. Count me in.

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I am in , i am aslo frm kolkata, if you start then i think many people will join, but i dnt knw how many kolkata pepole follow valupicker blog,

I am a new member in this forum. Count me in. I am interested. Thanks

Great Initiative.I am from kolkata although currently out of country.I would definitely like to be a part of this in future.

Appreciable Initiative Abhishek.

Shall feel highly obliged to be part of the group.


Hi I am interested .

Great initiative… i’ll love to be a part of this.

I’m from kolkata but starting new. Don’t know will be able to add any value or not but would like to take the opportunity to learn a lot. Please keep me in loop for the same.

I am also from Kolkata and would be keenly interested in such a meeting.

Thanks for such enthusiastic response. I have created a very basic google sheet. Please fill it up and we can take the next step and decide on the logistics

All of you have responded, can you pls send me your details as a personal message on VP.
**Please include the following details:-

  • Name
  • email
  • Mobile
  • Residence Location (to determine a location which is most convenient for the majority)**

I already have the details for the following: Krishna Agrawal, Amitayu Ghosh, Uday Shah, Goutam Acharya



I am also interested in the meetup. I will not be the most erudite person, but I try to learn from people who know their stuff.

@basumallick I could not find your google sheet. How to access it?

Please count me in as well …

@basumallick…I am not able to find the google sheet link…please count me in…I will be in Kolkata from Sept 15th Onwards.

Great initiative. May I join in as a frequent visitor to Kolkata? … Almost every second month I am there … So would love to be there in one of these if happens to coincide with my trip :smile:

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@aveekmitra Aarey… you will be our chief guest when you are around :slight_smile: