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I am based in Germany and want to understand the process of investing in European/ Global markets. Can someone please provide information about the best broker/ Mutual funds to invest.

In the current scenario, I am looking to invest in Russia/ Ukraine based ETFs, it would be great if someone can share any info on that.

i found that we can invest in Russian exchange etf ( TICKER: ERUS,RSX ) trading at us stock market Via GROWw,INDmoney etc . I think conversion of rupees to dollars is a tedious process.

And I wonder what is the impact of banning Russia from swift in stock market transactions.

Please check this:

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Can someone please suggest any Euro based mutual funds to invest in Global markets? Also, my account with Trading 212 is pending approval since more than a month, is there any other broker whom I can use?

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Please add me to the group I am based in Denmark

I presented on the Indian agrochemical space last week, you can find the presentation below. To understand the background that went behind the presentation, you can read my detailed post that summarizes and compares different business models (link at the end). There is also a short twitter summary.

We are contemplating posting videos of presentations on youtube, this will be our way of giving back to the broader VP community. I will keep this thread updated with more details.

Presentation.pdf (2.7 MB)


Hi Harsh, have you decided on sharing the video of the presentation? If so kindly share the link to help us understand the thought process better.

Yes, the video is now available on youtube. We have created a channel called VP Europe where other presentations will be posted (depending on if the presenter wants to make it open). My presentation’s video is below, if you have questions I will be happy to answer :slight_smile:

Link to VP Europe channel


I came across this thread just now. Nice presentation on companies operating in Agchem space. Really helpful. If you could do me a favor, please add me to the WA group please +44 7405029417. Thanks!

@rajanprabu gave a presentation on Solo Brands ($DTC) a couple of weeks back. The video is available on youtube. It gives some unique insights into D2C businesses and the valuations around it.

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I made a presentation on Eris Lifesciences during our last meeting. Here’s the link to the presentation and interaction.

Disclosure: Invested in Eris Lifesciences (position size here, bought shares in last-30 days)


Thanks for the efforts and sharing the presentation video!

@Chins made a presentation on Ugro Capital a couple of weeks back. The video is available on youtube. It gives very nice insights into the business model of co-lending and Ugro’s competitve positioning.


+1 II am Sbhadti, from Mumbai but based in England UK. Please include me in this group.

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@OmkarT made a presentation on Suprajit Engineering a couple of weeks back where he summarized his views on the company and the sector in general. The video is available on youtube.

Disclosure: Not invested in Suprajit (no transactions in last-30 days)


I made a presentation on Ajanta Pharma a couple of weeks back, the presentation is at link below.

Disclosure: Invested (position size here, no transactions in last-30 days)


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I am also a fellow Value investor trying to learn the ropes. I am based in Belgium, I would like to be a part of this community and contribute as well.

A very nice presentation from @ravisrikant on ICICI Lombard.


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Please count me in too. I have recently moved to Germany.

Please add me. I am in Sweden +46724666787