Valuepickr Goes Canada(Vancouver)

Hi all,

I thought we should get connected to other Valuepickr’s around Canada(Vancouver). The idea would be to meet periodically ( probably remotely) and share ideas and issues relating to investing and learn from each other.

I live in Surrey
Please let us know if this would be of interest and we are happy to host meetings and take it further.


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Yes very interesting to learn from others.Excited go for it.

where do you live saurabh?

i live in Madhya Pradesh and where do you live?

oh I live in Canada(Vancouver)

Are you Indian? From how long you are investing in Indian stocks?

Yes, I am an Indian
I have been investing for 14 years, and manage this platform for maintaining tradingjournal

feel free to explore
you may use test credentials , if you want to get a feel of this app

Password: usertest

That’s really cool.I am looking forward to learn alot from yours more than one decade of experience, but i don’t do trading. I am an investor.

By Trader, I specifically meant swing trader
Thanks for your kind words, we all are learning from each other :slight_smile:

Yes we are here to learn different techniques from different people,hope we both go very far together in terms of learning.But i am new to Stock Market just started two years back. I am looking to learn as much as i can.

BTW can i ask your real name and from which city do you belong to (in India)?

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