ValuePickr Dubai

Since Valupickr members in various cities in India are organizing meet-ups, I thought why not check how many of us based in Dubai are interested in meeting to discuss stocks etc.

Please post if you are keen. Depending on the response, we can schedule a meet-up.


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hi sushil,
i am also based out of Dubai. would love to meet up

Thats great. I am in dubai as well.

I have started my journey 6 month before and might not have much to share with experience people :expressionless:. I am focused on reading books and blogs.
I am also based in Dubai and would love to meet:slight_smile:.

I am in Abu Dhabi. Prefer to have in Abu Dhabi.

I am also in Dubai, please count me in.

me too from Abu Dhabi like to meet minded people to increase domain knowledge and behavioural investing

how do we take this forward?

I think we can setup a meetup and see how it goes?

Even if 3-4 of us turn up on a friday evening it can be a good chat over individual strategies and learning from stock markets.

I say we meet at any central location on Friday (Between Downtown…Burjuman etc.) around 6pm (after the heat is bearable!)

Any takers?


I would also like to participate in meeting. Please count me in. I suggest keeping it sometime during cooler climate.

like sushil said, even if 3-4 of us meet up, it will be a good start. there is already a small group of us who meet and are a watsup group.


Even i am at AD, count me in as well…
How about all getting added on the whtsap group intially & we can decide on the place post the summers?


I am in Dubai and is interested to meet the members of Value picker forum

Pradeep Kumar MG

Dear Friends, A year ago I have created a UAE Value investors group (Whataspp) for interested Indian investors living in the UAE. If you are interested I can add you in there. You can share me your details (pm me)

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I am in Dubai - would like to join members for the Value Pickr form.


I am in Riyadh… I could come and join
Add me in whats up group

I am a long time resident of Dubai and would like to join the members.

I can offer my personal office in JLT (with Internet connection, presentation facilities etc) for the meet up

I would like to join the UAE investors whatsapp group my mobile number is 050 5531075

My no.966562710388 Add me in whats up group

can you add my name to the group too my no is 050 6268127