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Hello Members. Traction that Valuepickr Kolkata thread is getting prompted me to create this thread where we can create a group of similar minded people who are from Delhi to meet once a month/fortnight. Here is what I have in mind.

1. People who are willing to connect can express their interest on this thread (See edit 1 at the bottom of this post) and I will contact them personally to take their contact details.

2. After this, a Whatsapp group will created wherein all the interested members will be added. This Whatsapp group will be used to share Agenda for every meeting, venue of meeting, coordination of other aspects of meeting etc. Please note that no stock idea will be discussed in that group as the same can be done here on Valuepickr and also the same can be discussed in the meeting itself.

3. I believe that every meeting should have a predefined Agenda so that meeting can move forward in a particular direction and some meaningful outcome can come out of it. Agenda will be shared on email, whatsapp and also on this this thread of valuepickr.

4. Also one section of agenda can include educational session wherein any member {Designation " Educationalist" (Just for that meeting)} can teach other members about a particular Investing strategy that they think can be helpful to other members. Thus educational session will also be predefined in the Agenda. Please note whosoever us going to conduct this session will have to prepare in advance along with slides or pictures so that it can be presented to other members for their better understanding.

5. How to discuss a stock in the meeting - This will also be predefined in Agenda. Members who want to discuss a stock can ask it to include it in the agenda. After agenda of the meeting is out ( which typically will come out 2-3 days before the scheduled meeting) other members are going to take a look at companies mentioned and study them. During the meeting the member who proposed the stock {Designation “Proposer” (Just for that meeting only)} is going to come on stage and explain (positives and negatives) to other members. After this other members who have studied the stock (as they have 2-3 days to study the stock after release of Agenda) can add any other positives or negatives about the company that was not covered by the Proposer.

**6.**After this comes Questions and Answers . This session will be conducted after every stock idea wherein members can ask questions that they have regarding that particular stock and any other member who has the answer can attend that question. Unanswered questions will be noted down and will be in the next meeting in a separate session called “Unfinished Business”. In the days between two meeting, members can find out answer to those unanswered questions by contacting management or by studying financial reports, etc. and explain it in next meeting to other members. Members who answers correctly will be rewarded will chocolates :slight_smile:

7. After every meeting it’s outcome will be posted on this thread for the reference of other members.

These are the ideas that I have to create an excellent as well as positive learning atmosphere for everyone at the meeting. Any other creative idea is welcome.

Meeting is most likely to be held in Central Delhi.

To give an idea about logistics, a meeting room with capacity of 60-70 at YMCA Tourist Hostel in Central Delhi cost about Rs. 4,000 for 2 hours. This is not the standard but just an idea it could also be lesser than that but we will have to search for it.

Now either we can scout for some other venues or any member from the group can sponsor the venue at free of cost or at discounted rates. Such contribution will be recognised in the group as well as on this thread.
Other logistics include cost for food and equipment like projector which if not provided by the place where we are conducting our meeting, can be rented or brought by any other member.
The idea is to keep cost minimum and learning maximum.
Views of fellow members are invited.

EDIT 1 ON 12th August 01:55 AM : At the time of this edit, thread has received responses from 60 different members. If you are reading this post for first time and interested in being part of the group, you’re requested to fill in the Google form . Please do mention your Valuepickr username in the form.


Utkarsh: Thanks for the initiative. Count me in pls.


Count me in as well


I’m all for learning, count me in too!!

Please count me in as well.

Thanks and Regards,
Kapil Gupta

Learner tau itne saar hai where are the preachers?

Count me in … Small suggestion, let the first meet be informal … Let people collectively decide the way forward than constraining it with Agenda etc… Let it grow organically …


Yes I agree. It will help us decide the way forward and also we can brainstorm other aspects.

I just shared my vision on how an effective meeting can be held for long term so that it attracts higher participation. Someone might have a better idea and we are open to it.

Count me in. 100% agree with Aveekji on keeping meet informal and growing organically.

Please count me in as well.

Count me in as well
Great initiative


A very good initiative @UtkarshP. I am from Delhi and very much interested to join in.


Thanks for taking the initiative @UtkarshP

Please count me in as well.


Great initiative
I am from haryana. but will come for sure
Abhishek Jain

Great idea - Look forward to being part of this.


Thanks for taking this initiative. Count me in please.

Good idea- I would like to join this group.


Bhupesh Das

I would like to be part of this group as well. Good thinking bringing us together Utkarsh. Lets grow this together everyone.

All the best

hack2abi Abhinav Mehrotra
August 10

I would like to be part of this group as well. Good thinking bringing us
together Utkarsh. Lets grow this together everyone.

Hi Utkarsh, I am willing to join. My mail id