ValuePickr Chandigarh Chapter

Dear ValuePickrs,
Apart from wonderful platform that Donald and his team had provided. I am interested in interacting with fellow VPers who are from Chandigarh. Like minded people interested in Value Investing. Growth investing can comment below so that we can plan a mini meet up and discuss on Investing.


Hello Sir, It will be interesting to plan a mini-meetup and discuss and learn from the people like you! :slight_smile:

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Hi dear I am in … Please post when and where … But in my opinion we should create some agenda and topic we need to share or discuss VP is already a gold mine but ones experience is treasure of wisdom … I may be happy to share my mistakes in my small journey …

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Hello,Fellow ValuePickrs Chandigarh Chapter,
I wish to be participate if and when a meeting of the Chandigarh chapter takes place. Please do inform me.Also,I want to know how many in the Tricity are interested in such a meeting.
Loking forward,

I agree with you, we need at least a basic structure for any such meeting of the Chandigarh chapter. Since Chandigarh encompases adjacent Mohali,Panchkula, New Chandigarh, perhaps we can include members from these areas also in the first such meeting.
And apart from short introductions from the participating members, we can invite members to prepare their interesting investing experiences for the meeting. And also have a Q & A session on investing topics.

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Dear VP,
You have suggested Value and Growth investing strategies as possible topics for the Chandigarh chapter meeting,we can have suggestions from the prospective participants also. This thread is from Sept 2018, with no further posts,but I notice that over 539 members have viewed the posts,so interest appears to be there for such a meeting.
Since Chandigarh is a convenient hub for the adjacent areas of Mohali,New Chandigarh,Panchkula, perhaps members from those areas can also attend. Hope we can ignite interest of such members.Let us wait and see,

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Hi Friends,
I was wondering whether anyone in Tricity area in this forum is up for meeting and making connections with fellow like minded investors anytime soon?