Value Picker in NYC/NJ/PA area

Hi there, I was wondering if we have folks in NYC ( New York/Tri state area) ares who would like to meet and build a network. I have realized we learn a lot more conviction from talking to like minded folks. Please let me know if there are any and if you will be interested.

Hi Mukesh,

Good point. We can start and then let the team grow.
I know a lot of folks here who invest in Indian equities. Live in the NJ area.


hi Nitin, Let me know your coordinates and we can talk over the weekend. my
cell is 404-422-3431, thx, Mukesh

Is it possible to create a whatsup group for US folks?

yes. Please… you can add me with my number. thx, Mukesh - I created a whatsapp group for strategic Investments in India…

Thanks… I have joined the group. I live in PA. Look forward to meet you guys soon.

I am late to the party but is this thing still on by any chance? Would love to interact with you guys and connect, I think it helps a lot to have a local network of fellow investors.