Value .able – by roger montgomery

I read about this book which is written by an Australian author Roger Montgomery. It talks about how to value the best stocks and buy them for less than they’re worth. So it tells us how to buy good stocks at reasonable prices and how to value stocks, etc.

I read reviews about this and it seems good. However, I could not find the book in India. I could find it on Amazon India but they only have a Kindle version, but I prefer a hard copy. Anyone has seen this book in any offline stores or online portals let me know?

I also welcome feedback or reviews from people who have read this book.

Thanks Sridhar for introducing us to this book. I looked for the book and it was available in kindle format only. Downloaded it and presently reading it. The author has also quoted Chandrakant Sampat, the Indian legend. These are some of the comments on the book:

-A terrifically generous book. It bridges the gap between Graham and Buffett better than I have seen elsewhere.

-In almost 50 years of investing this is probably the most interesting and informative book shares evaluation that I have read.

I am still reading the book, but I think it will worth rereading and rereading. Thanking Sridhar again.

interestingly the book is available on google store for Rs275 while it goes at $7.99 on Now thats good bargain investment :slight_smile: for those who are ok with pdf/epub formats.

Hi Raghav, can you pls send me the link of the book on google store. I cannot find it. Thanks