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Hi @vjf_0907. I’m sorry for replying so late, as I was busy. Till date, I have not added any more GPIL. However, my thesis is still intact and I may add more in some time. I will post a reply here when I do.


Hey Valorem, wanted to understand how long term your view on GPIL is. Do you believe/understand steel enough to hold GPIL for the next cycle? How stable/uncorrelated to steel do you think GPIL’s PAT & OCF will be?

Also a massive 30% weightage is in meghmani sisters, which are holding up very well to the market, how are you looking at them?

An update on the fundamentals for your pf would be great!


Sorry everyone for not being very active on this thread. I had limited time since the past few months as I had a lot of tests and exams.

Hi @GrowingAlpha,

To start, I am currently 14 years old and have time to learn and evolve. I believe GPIL will create tremendous value for its share holders in the coming 5 years (around) as it proves that its profits are consistent. The duration it takes for my thesis to play out does not matter a lot to me as long as it can generate my desired CAGR (40%+).

As I have read the ValuePickr thread of GPIL, articles and blog posts - I have understood GPIL’s business and The Steel industry more. My conviction is strong and as mentioned above, I am ready to hold GPIL for a long period/the next cycle as I believe it will generate good returns.

Also, as @Kumar_manas said -

Currently, I am mainly sitting on cash and am selling/have sold most of my investments. The main reasons for this is I plan to reshuffle my Portfolio. Another reason is the impending crash (which has already started imo).

I want to add that my Core PF was only 50% of my total PF.

  • I still plan on adding GPIL and the Meghmani twins in my new portfolio
  • I may add Satia
  • I will send a list of the stocks I plan to add soon

I hope I have answered your questions!

As a fellow 15 year old, I empathize with you on the exams. :grinning:

So GPIL is a long term bet, got it. Interesting case, will be sitting on the sidelines for this one.

Have you calculated your IRR by any chance?

Great going Valorem! Keep it up!

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I have not calculated my IRR yet. My capital has been the same since I started this ValuePickr thread and so I have just kept track of my CAGR.

It is so good to see 14-15 years old talking with so much of maturity about investing and I wish I had the same maturity and knowledge when I was at that age.


Okay, got it.

I appreciate your conviction & long term view of GPIL, it is a pabrai-esque bet a la IPSCO, he bought the uncertainty in steel too and did well. Let’s see how well gpil goes!

What was your rationale for buying Dynemic products?

Any update on this thread…?