Vaibhav's Portfolio

Hello All,

I am a very new entrant in stock investment. Below is my portfolio on which I seek your advice -

Yes Bank 13%

JK Bank 10%

Dr Reddy’s 6%

Shilpa Med. 5%

PFC 5%

Axis 4%

NMDC 3.5%

Zensar 3.5%

FinCables 3.5%

Aarti Ind. 3.5%

Dewan Housing 3.3%

Wipro 3%

Escorts 2.8%

Deepak Fert 2.5%

REC 2.4%

Aurobindo 2.2%

Ajanta 2.1%

Atul 2%


Plus Eclerx,CMC,RS software, CCL, HMVL, Alembic, Bank of Baroda, Accelya Kale, Syndicate Bank, Kaveri Seed, Balkrisha Ind. , Mindtree, Tata Sponge each between 1% and 2%. And Radico Khetan and SBBJ are < 1%.

I have started investing only about a month back (so in urgent need of advice from the esteemed members).


The first advice almost anyone will give you here is to trim down your portfolio to 10-12 stocks. It’ll help you better monitor all your holdings. Also you can then choose 10-12 best stocks. Even if Kaveri Seeds becomes a 10 bagger from here on, the overall impact on your portfolio will be just 10% as your are allocating just 1% to it. So just give it a thought

Thank you Rohit. Ever since I found this wonderful forum and read on other members’ portfolios, I have been trying to trim down my own portfolio.

Since the prices have run up alot, I wanted to know from you and everyone about the companies that they would buy at current levels (or on slight dips. I am tracking alot of them - Vmart, Reliance, Thinksoft, Ajanta Pharma, Kaveri etc)


I have reduced the number of companies significantly and now the core of the portfolio looks like following -

Yes Bank - 15%

Shilpa Pharma - 15%

J&K Bank - 11%

Ajanta Pharma - 11%

LIC Housing Finance - 6.5%

PFC+REC - 6%

Drreddy’s - 5%

Atul Ltd. - 5%

Finolex cables - 4%

DHFL - 3.5%

Zensar - 3.5%

HMVL - 3.5%

Deepak Fert - 2.5%

Aurobindo Pharma - 2.2%

RS Software - 2%

I was looking to sell PFC and REC but they fell by around 10% today.

Holding J&K bank because of the cheap valuations (and because they have announced dividend of 50/- per share). From whatever I could read, the NPA story in Greater Kashmir newspaper, due to which the stock fell by 20% in a day, appears mainly to malign bank’s reputation. My average buy rate for J&K bank is 1590/-.

Your suggestions are welcome. I value suggestions from members of this forum alot.

Sold Finolex Cables today and bought Ajanta Pharma.

So, Yes Bank, Ajanta and Shilpa pharma each are about 15% of the portfolio.


This is forum where knowledge is collaborated and shared.

No one is interested what you bought or what you sold unless you provide a fundamental or logical reasoning behind doing so. Hope in future you back your comments by basis on which you bought or sold any stock.

Thanks for the inputs Sunil. Will keep your suggestions in mind for future posts. I didn’t mention reasons as both companies had good potential for the future and there’s not alot to choose between the two.

Sold Finolex Cables since it had appreciated ~20% in last few days.

Wanted to increase pharma allocation as it seems to be an ever green sector to me and wanted to buy Ajanta Pharma since it has shown very good profits, sales and margins growth in successive quarters and years.

For FY13-14, Net profits are as follows -

June Quarter - 32.54 Cr

September - 55.8 Cr

Dec - 62.4 Cr

March - 70 Cr

Expecting it to post substantial growth in numbers vis-a-vis June Quarter of FY13-14.

Yes Bank - 13%

RS Software - 11%

Shilpa Med. - 11%

CMC - 8%

Hinduja Global - 7%

Oriental Carbon - 6%

Dewan Housing - 7%

Dishman Pharma - 5%

Cash - ~30%

Have few stocks for long term but I buy/sell many stocks depending on market situation and stock corrections. For ex. after Q2 results’ corrections, I bought Mindtree, CMC, HCL, Wipro etc and sold them on 5%-25% gains in a few days/weeks . Bought RS software @525, Dishman Pharma @135 recently after big corrections. Am sitting on 30% cash right now for investing again.

That’s a big allocation in a very short time.

Is this a long term play or Sell on 10-20% return type?

Any view about long term sales growth of RS?

Right Jatin. Thats a big allocation. RoE is ~40% over last 5 years and p/e is ~10.2, and the correction had been massive. So I bought so much. But it has been falling even after I bought.

I hope I can hold for few months atleast, or if I sell, try to retain half the quantity.

Read a bit of the annual report and watched management’s interview. Most of the revenue is from the US. the US dollar and economy is going to be stronger. Margins will improve by shifting the work to Indian offices. They are trying to move from working with few select payment leadership brands to a significantly broader set of clientele, and ensure larger reach into the continuing secular growth in this sector. "healthy double digit’ growth in EPS is what they guide.

RS Software - 11%

Bought RS software @525,

Bought Yes Bank heavily today after good Q3 results. Recent buys are Can fin,Edelweiss, Granules and kaveri seeds. Recent sell is Dishman Pharma, CMC.

Now the PF -

Yes Bank - 30%

Shilpa Med. - 17%

RS Software - 8%

Oriental Carbon - 8%

Can Fin - 8%

Dewan Housing - 7%

Hinduja Global - 7%

Granules - 6%

Kaveri seeds - 5%

Edelweiss - 3%

Bought 2-3% in kajaria too @555 few days back. will sell it in few days to concentrate the PF.

Cash - 0%

Any detail on RS Software will be helpful? Are you seeing signs for turnaround for the company?