Vaibhav portfolio

I am Vaibhav Agarwal, a salaried person and a Chartered accountant by profession.
I was investing or correctly to say trading in market since 2016 i used to purchase stocks which are recommended on tv Mostly CNBC or recoo on Money control etc …
I have burned hands 2-3 times since 2016 invested in NBFC/banks in 2016 , small caps stocks in 2018 and coffee can stocks in 2020 since first book I read was saurabh Mukherjee 's coffee can investing.
So I has not made much returns or to say negative returns till 2021
But post then I ce to know about value pickr and then followed SOIC and investing changed from there
Then I followed @Worldlywiseinvestors @Tar @sahil_vi on VP and twitter and started watching YT vidios of SOIC

Now I am wanting to build a Portfolio, pls suggest is my view is correct or not

I am planning to make 2 portfolio of 25 stocks each.
First PF consistent of large cap stocks with more than 25k crore Market cap it consists of majorly Stalwarts
Second PF consistent of 25 stocks of Small caps with Market cap less than 20k which consists of mainly fast growers and liked to lagea cap in PF 1 Like- asian paints in LC & SIRCA in small cap , maruti in PF1 & Fiem ind in PF 2 etc.
and allocation is 50-50 percent in both PF

Pls suggest @Tar @sahil_vi @Worldlywiseinvestors

@Worldlywiseinvestors pls suggest

Buddy, kudos on starting the topic. But I don’t think any one would advise you stocks. But you may get good folks of Value Pickr to review / comment on your portfolio, if you can create one.

My few cents

  1. portfolio of 50 good stocks would be difficult to create. None of the stocks would have high weightage
  2. would be difficult to track / research all of them