US based NRI's - How do you guys invest in equity now?

Yes, swing trading only, although I am not sure if I have ever tried day trading in my accounts. I have never had the need even with profits etc since I usually use SnR (TA) to do my trades using Daily Charts, and hence I need a few days before I would sell. The shortest trade I have done is probably 2 weeks, and with the recent volatility I might be doing a few even shorter as the bull gets long in the tooth.

Costs is something you have to control and negotiate based on the amount you trade. I will never move to Zerodha or other lower frills accounts since I like the premier account, better support, good RMs and also my rates are pretty low compared to my profits. I just feel that taxes and brokerage are good things generally (if you pay) since that means I am making money.


this is icici brokerage charges…Just wondering, is there any way to lower it down? Not sure if they charge any thing else for NRE PMS account. it would be nice if someone can share who uses icicidemat from USA from repatriable basis

Did you check with Kotak…I hear they give better rate compared to other brokerage houses…

I have just gone through all thread but still has more things to know

  1. We can open demat account with NRO account without PIS account
  2. say if i transfer fund from usa to NRE, NRE to NRO and then invest in india equity
  3. i pay taxes in india on any gained happened on this
  4. can we bring this money back to usa?
  5. how the tax would be treated that is paid to india govt…
  6. usa year endn is dec and india in march… how this is resolved
  7. if we can bring money from NRO by paying tax, why should i open NRE demat

NOTE: i feel we can bring money from NRO account to USA (if you give reason as this NRO money transferred from NRE, it does not ask any documents) else need to submit tax documents.


See my responses below. But do consult your advisor :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rajdori, Just wondering, if other members can also share their experience on this.

Point 2 in my undertanding is dicey (specially NRE to NRO and then investment). Someone else can throw light. Instead the other approach is:
(US/ overseas account) —> Transferwise or something → NRE → NRE PINS account → Investment in India.
(US/ overseas account) —> Transferwise or something —> NRO —> Investment in India (or via NRO PINS account).

Each PINS account comes with own charges for each transaction and also annual charges.

On point 6, you need to get the status as of 31 December of the year (e.g. to declare assets, the holding statement as of a certain date is possible to be obtained. For the capital gains/ losses, only the calendar year matters again. (I am stating this from Europe perspective where we have the same challenge).

Hello Everyone
Anyone using Kotak NRO/NRE demat?. when enquired it was mentioned by Kotak that for USA/Canada customers only offline ordering is available (Order by email/phone with Relationship Manager). Is this correct?
If you are using it are you finding it convenient?

Is there any benefit of having a NRO PIS account at all when compared to Non PIS? I cant find any.
Experienced members can you please enlighten?

I am moving from zerodha to IIFL

ZERODHA currently charging .5% for NRIs

IIFL GIVING .1% for delivery on all NRI accounts

Any one experienced any problems with IIFL

please advise

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Zerodha is 200 Rs or % whichever is lower

Please kindly read and I have account with them…only per script that is 200 ( i.e per order)

But for whole contract 0.5%

Heavy penalty for me staying with zerodha…so started moving to IIFL…But take your own decision whichever best for you

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ICICI direct rates are insane. Not sure if its worth holding Indian equities while taxed globally.

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Hi All,

Please let me know if you are using ProStocks for NRI PIS Account…Your review comments are valuable

i am with Zerodha (DP, trading) and Yes Bank for five years. Planning to stay with Zerodha, but want to move to a different bank. My options are Axis Bank and IDFC First bank. Anyone using either? Which one’s better? For NRE PIS, are there limits to fund transfer? Can the funds transferred from bank to Zeriodha be used right away?

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For your last question: I transfer funds (on behalf of my mother who is not an NRI) from her bank to her Zerodha account via NEFT and they are available for investment immediately. The funds are transferred back to the account every quarter and in case you don’t use the funds for about 3-4 weeks, then also they get transferred back to you bank. So, I need to keep transferring it again every time since we cannot find any good investment opportunties at the moment.

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