US based NRI's - How do you guys invest in equity now?

Seems like lot of regulations for those who are in US now. Just wanted to know US based NRI’s are building there portfolio?. I still have my old demat account but didn’t do any trade once my status changed to NRI. I have been doing my investments on my family account. But now started facing tax questions as it grew bigger. Please let me know the options available for me. thanks

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Are these questions related to FATCA?

FATCA is ok with me even though i had some difficulty with foreign investment calculations. This is related to opening a demat account in india from US. ICICI is not allowing this and insisting on coming to india for US based nri’s.

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Provide me your email id, i shall mail you the details regarding the same

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Please let me know the details.

Both ICICI & Rmoney says they don’t offer demat services for US & canada based nri’s as per the regulations.

Hi, I am Saroj Chakraborty.

You have raised a very imp. issue…many US NRIs who do not know the rules go on investing in India and later on, when they get into trouble both with Indian & US regulations, they are stuck. Hopefully, this thread of discussion wd bring clarity to this topic.

May I know what are the difficulties you faced for your Indian investments w.r.t growing questioning from the Indian tax authorities and more importantly, the difficulties faced in calculation with respect to FATCA regulations !! Thanks.

Hi All,
I am facing the same issue as Bijoy and would like to get some answers too.
I used to Invest in India before coming to the US, but since FATCA, all the red tape paperwork has all become a big headache.

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FATCA issues can be avoided by maintaining proper foreign allocation. Tax questions in india were based on the source of income for my parents…

I am more looking to get info on how to open a demat account with NRO linked account in india so that i can have shares on my name for long term and is repatriable later. Apparently, most of the brocker firms not entertaining US/canada based NRI’s. US based NRI’s please help me with your comments.

Please msg me privately or @ if you want things to keep personal. thanks.

@bijoy_ajj @Patel Yes you can open NR trading and Demat Account by linking it to PINS account. Account can be open either NRE or NRO status according to your requirements. Also, resident stocks can be transferred to NR status.Already sent you a mail with clear understanding. Yes, there is a paperwork, but not too complicated. I deal with NR account, I can solve the same.

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hi - can you please mail me the information on ambekarvinayatyahoodotcom. one my us based friends was enquiring on the same topic thanks.

Hello Pranab,

I would appreciate if you could send me the information on my gmail id: anshul.agrawal2005. I am also trying to open a demat account link to NRO account but so far no luck.

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@bijoy_ajj @Patel @ranjan_pranab @thejasdk hi all my email is, appreciate if you also could provide me the help in opening a demat account in India. Currently I opened one on my family in India for trading but getting money back looks like a big deal. Thanks!

wil be sending the detials on how to go about the demat

will send the mail regarding NRI demat for US residents

@bijoy_ajj @Patel @ranjan_pranab @anshul2106 @saroj4857

After the recent Bilateral agreement between
India –US on FATCA agreement . All U S residents has to submit the INDIVIDUAL
FATCA KRA FORM , while they are opening any kind of financial accounts
in INDIA and its applicable for existing accounts also. Contact your banks and financial institutions where all you have accounts for the same

sent check ur mail for further info

Know more information about FATCA here.

@bijoy_ajj @thejasdk @ranjan_pranab I am also facing the same issue regarding opening a demat account in the name of my son who is working in US. I could not find any solution for the issue through this thread. Could you please mail me more info/consensus at my id Would appreciate if you could suggest a brokerage firm also. Thanks in advance!