Upendra's portfolio


I am a passive reader of ValuePickr forums.
I have been an active investor in the stockmarkets for last 3 years.
Over the last 3 years; I have accumulated quite a few (24) stocks. Couple of them turned out to be real winners (Eicher motors: buying price = 2200)
Overall portfolio is making a profit of 50%.
I now want to consolidate my portfolio and take a few concentrated bets.
Can seniors please help?
Stock Percentage
Eicher Motors 14%
Bosch 8%
TCS 7%
HDFC Bank 7%
Tech Mahindra 6%
Shilpa Medicare 6%
SBI 6%
Sun Pharma 5%
Larsen 4%
Hero Motocorp 4%
EID Parry 4%
United Spirits 4%
Divis Labs 4%
Asian Paints 4%
Shriram City Union Finance 3%
Mastek 2%
AIA Engineering 2%
Sabero Organics 2%
MCX India 1%
M&M 1%
GRUH Finance 1%
Financial Technologies Ltd 1%
Trent 1%
TOTAL 100%
- Upendra

Well i am certainly not very experienced in market but my advise will be to remove 1% & 2% from your portfolio. However, I do own some stock that are in that category…

I would get out of FinTech. Most other stocks seem decent, but you need to bring down the number of stocks. For example even if any of your 1% holding stocks double or triple, there will be no significant effect on your overall portfolio. Unless of course, your portfolio is in 9 digits or higher.

Thanks for comments Ajit & Navtej.

I do understand I need to cut down the number of stocks from 24 to 10-12. But that’s where I wanted your feedback. Which stocks should I keep and which ones should I discard.

All seem good to me in present market situation. :slight_smile:

I would get out of Mastek, Sabero, MCX, M&M, FinTech and Trent and increase Gruh. Also I would get out of any one of SBI, HDFC and HDFC Bank and consolidate into just 2 out of these 3.

Disclosure: I am invested in some of your shares, so my views may be biased.

i will not advise to exit MCX (sorry Ajit). rest keep a balance between mid cap and large cap… above all, keep company were you have direct knowledge of its product and working…