Updating of stock stories

hi donald,

it would be a good idea to update the stock stories with various developments and results which have come about over time.



Thanks Hitesh.

I have been travelling a lot in the last month, hence am slow in updates.

Do let me know a priority list of stock story updates, and may be we can distribute the work among the prime followers/trackers.


Dear Donald,

It will be nice if the stock updates and discussions which have taken place in the forum if they are arranged date wise with the latest date coming first and the old date coming last. At present it is the other way round. I am an avid reader of this forum which is a Mine Of Gold.


Dear Tony,

Many Thanks for writing in.

There’s a easy way to be on top of recent activity/discussions on the forums. When you click on Forums…top RHS you see this

Clicking on all recent activity, will show you all recent discussions since your last login

The reverse order of discussions is a nice feature to add. At the moment we are resource starved…we may abe able to puit together a decent team in a couple of months…lot more features and functionality planned…especially to make the site more user-friendly!


One more request Donald sir,

while starting a discussion on a stock, it will be useful to mention cmp of the stock so as to enable new comer at which price the stock was discussed and can compare with present market price. The discussion on a stock is going on for years and hence it is useful. The second thing is very good discussion is going on each stock by this esteemed group and giving no conclusion. So conclusion by analyst or desclaimer whether he bought the stock if so buying price will give confidence and a path to new investors. Just being a new guy, it is my suggestion. take it lightly



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Dear Donald Sir…

is there any possibility to create portfolio under new portfolio column for newcomer with no comments except for stock direct link or for those who is not so good in stock story and results analysis …in which evry upcoming n recently discussed stock wd cmp had a indication of Buy)Sell by yourself ; so it is easy for all members as i already misse d many stocks

and also make a arrangements for mthly update for full portfolio

xls file attached 4 ref…

vpickr.xlsx (9.09 KB)