Unichem flag pattern

attached weekly chart shows the flag drawn in the chart.

breakout levels above 190-192, target 260 plus.


If there are multiple patters in the chart, is there a way to determine which pattern will play out. In the charts attached, I see a long term uptrend channel as well and on extrapolating that what I interpret is that the price don’t seem to go beyond 210-215 for next couple of months? Please correct if Iinterpretedit incorrectly. I am pretty new to technical analysis. Thanks to You for the initiation :slight_smile:



the channel has played out till now and according to your interpretation, the first resistance will be around 210-215 post breakout from the flag. channel was drawn earlier by me and it has worked well till now.

But ultimately the channel breakout is likely to happen and stock is likely to achieve the targets mentioned.

still not working