Unemployed investors portfolio

As a very new investor with 6-7 years of experience in the market, the last two years was unemployed, relying solely on investing for earnings. Fortunately, the market was in an uptrend, and I reaped the benefits.

My investing style is quite simple. While I understand the world of numbers, what’s most important to me is common sense. With common sense, I make most of my decisions.

My framework is simple and doesn’t need to be followed every time:

  1. Opportunity size
  2. Valuation
  3. Entry at the start of the theme

My portfolio:

  1. Arvind Fashion: 7.24%
  2. Barbeque Nation: 5.66%
  3. Edelweiss: 8.77%
  4. Niyogin: 10.65%
  5. Nuvama: 6.10%
  6. Polycab: 22.17%
  7. Shilpa Med: 6.92%
  8. Sunteck: 10.60%
  9. Transpek: 5.16%
  10. Brand Concept: 15.52%
  11. Indigo: 6.00%

All the entries were made very early, except for Niyogin, Barbeque Nation, and Transpek. The rest have been held for 3-6years.
Any changes will be updated thank you


Any company available at present, based on your criteria, with industry tailwind. Thank you.

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IndiaMart looks good.

What’s the rationale of both edelweiss and Nuvama , is it because of free issue of nuvama as bonus shares or fresh investment?

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I’ve received it through bonus, and I’ve added to my existing positions in both Nuvama and Edelweiss. Nuvama appears undervalued concerning its growth potential, although the capital aspect of the business may slow down(since its cyclical). My primary focus within Nuvama is wealth management. I believe Ashish Kehair and the group promoters have the potential to surpass any competitors in this field.

Edelweiss also seems significantly undervalued. The group encompasses several strong businesses


Where do you see growth coming for Barbeque Nation?

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I know it’s hard to invest in consumer stocks right now; it’s better to invest in investment-oriented companies. However, I believe this is the bottom of the BBQ business. There will be 30 more restaurants coming this year, 15 from Salt and Toscano (these will do well), and 15 from BBQ Nation (only 1-3 abroad). These will contribute to growth. Furthermore, there has been an improvement in operational efficiency. Last quarter, margins improved even though it was their best quarter every year. I actually see it as an improvement in business, and promoters say they’ll sustain most of the margin.

I would tell you it’s hard to estimate demand, and I’m sure it’s weak. But my vision is very long-term. I do think a change in the mindset of people and local competition soon will decrease, contributing to growth. I do believe next quarter we might see improvement in SSSG (just through going through thousands of Google reviews and calculating with their best year). But still, demand is hard to predict, and yes, it’s weak.

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Can you tell your average buying price of each stocks ?

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Yea sure!
1.Arvind fashion 298
2.Barbeque nation 592
3.Edelweiss 40(after split avg came down it was around 50 when i bought income tax raid news was going on)
4.Niyogin 62.90
5.Nuvama 2154 (I got it after split around 1500 i added more when it got listed around 2.5k)
6.Polycab 845
7.Shilpa med 239
8.Sunteck 190
9.Transpek 1793
10.Brand concept 232
11.Indigo 1843

I made some changes to my portfolio by selling minute stakes in certain stocks and reallocating the funds to invest in Music Broadcast. I believe in the potential of radio, especially during times of lower consumer demand when local businesses rely on cheaper and local advertising. The radio industry is undergoing significant changes, and these businesses are positioned well to benefit from potential price hikes in the coming year. It was a challenging decision between Entertainment Network and Music Broadcast, but I chose Music Broadcast because it seemed undervalued and has the potential to grow. I believe that the cheaper the stock, the higher the returns when the cycle turns

  • Arvind Fashion: 6.90%
  • Barbeque Nation: 4.92%
  • Edelweiss: 7.59%
  • Niyogin: 10.38%
  • Nuvama: 5.96%
  • Polycab: 23.17%
  • Shilpa Med: 7.42%
  • Sunteck: 8.74%
  • Transpek: 5.16%
  • Brand Concept: 15.52%
  • Indigo: 7.00%
  • Music Broadcast: 6.24%
  • Arvind Fashion: 6.81%
  • Barbeque Nation: 4.85%
  • Edelweiss: 3.75%
  • Niyogin: 9.79%
  • Nuvama: 5.90%
  • Polycab: 20.97%
  • Shilpa Med: 7.35%
  • Supreme Power Equipment: 12.38%
  • Transpek: 5.10%
  • Brand Concept: 15.35%
  • Indigo: 6.73%
  • Music Broadcast: 6.42%
    sold sunteck and half of edelweiss

Has the transformer industry been in an uptrend. This makes Supreme Power Equipment look cheaper compared to its peers. They manufacture 25MVA transformers, but their capital expenditure will help them produce 160MVA transformers. This expansion could lead to more orders. They are most business comes from Tamil nadu

added allcargo gati and csl finance sold supreme power equipment
increased position in nuvama ,shilpa medicare

Please share the investment thesis for CSL Finance. Have they finally been able to crack SME lending?

Aadhar, it’s a small position, and everything looks good presently, but what I like is that they try to focus on certain businesses and grow really well in them. For example, their wholesale real estate and school lending. The way they have grown the SME side is great, and their ability to keep NPA low, even if GNPA grows in further years, as per there earlier experiences, they will still be able to manage. Recently, they started an unsecured loan for the pipe industry, which is partnered with APL Apollo. I personally think this will do good because they are close to APL Apollo’s MD, and they know the risk of unsecured loans because they used to have them before then they stopped. (And I personally believe NBFC is all about unique products and partnerships).

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