Understanding Deferred Taxes in P&L

I am trying to understand deferred taxes and deferred tax treatment better. While I understand the concept of deferred taxes, I find it hard to relate to how it shows up in the P&L. I didn’t find any specific topic here that addresses this in detail, so thought I would start a thread, and maybe we can share examples of deferred taxes from P&L statements that are unusual or interesting, and get better informed about the kind of liabilities that show up here and when/how they are reversed. Hoping this can then become a thread that has a good collection of such examples.

Here’s one example I would like to start with which I am not clear about. This is from the latest results of La Opala (Q3 FY24). There’s a deferred tax reversal of about Rs. 8.6 crores that has boosted their PAT.

When I looked at the notes, here’s what it says “Deferred tax liability reversal during the quarter/nine months period ending December 31 2023 is mainly on account of change in status of certain investments held by the company, i.e. from Short Term to Long Term as per the provisions of Income Tax Act 1961.”

Can someone who understands this topic well explain this (maybe with an example)? Is this like some equity investments for which they had originally provided deferred tax liability at 15% (short term) and have now changed it 10% (long term)? If so, when is it provided for originally? Can it be something else? Thank you!

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