Unable to Post, Browser issues

Site works best with Google Chrome. All are recommended to use Chrome browser.

With IE9, there are some known problems, as with Safari,etc.

Kindly bear with us for a couple of months!

Works fine with Firefox too

I’m, as well, using Firefox and it works fine but at times I’m not allowed to log in due to heavy load on the system. May be there are just too many users who are using the system :slight_smile:

I use Firefox too - it works fine. I guess lots of people get the 503 error. Maybe that’s why we see duplicate postings often (people reloading after replying).

Hi Guys,

Thanks for bearing with this situation. We have some constraints with existing system designed in 2010…mostly legacy. There are issues with scaling up and we had not anticipated the sudden jump in traffic.

We are trying what we can with limited resources. In a month’s time we should have addressed pressing issues and hopefully move on to a better system adequate for current needs in 2-3 months.

Whats a good way of attaching reports of >100KB?

A facility to edit posts would be great


Is there any way to attach word/pdf files >100Kb?


Test message from Crome. Was unable to write from IE. Looks it is working fine.


Site browser. **

i can’t edit my post IN VP HANGOUT … THE COMPLETE MAN

i was copy pasting the biography but the post got replicated kindly do the needful of editing the duplicate content as it was not the intended text.