Tyche industries


i was looking at this small cap co with 27 cr mkt cap…and revenue of 70 cr (half year)profits of 5 cr (half year)…does look undervalued…

Tyche is a leading manufacturer of APIâs & Advanced Intermediates of APIâs, headquartered in Hyderabad, the Pharmaceutical and Biotech hub of India.

Tyche has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of APIs and Advanced Intermediates driven by efficient R&D and manufacturing team dedicated to one common cause to take the company to heights of excellence.yche Industries works in close association with clients and develops solutions for API’s, Intermediates and Fine Chemicals. In addition, we can develop products from lab scale (Grams) to Plant scale (Tons) as per customer’s requirements, maintaining strict confidentiality and also provide analytical backup at all stages of the process. Last but not the least, we ensure timely delivery of the finished products.

hence request senior members to put in more light into this company…

It seems to be that time of the market when a lot of unknown small/micro caps look promising and start hitting upper circuits. Retail investors need to remind themselves of the risks involved and avoid repeating past mistakes. Having said that, we can always begin due diligence on an unknown company with a critical point of view.