Turnaround Stories

I want this thread to discuss all the companies which have been making losses since ages but since last 1-2 years or last 3-4 quarters have started making profits because of:

  1. Change in management
  2. Change in business stratergy etc.

I hope we have a discussion on various stocks to start making sound decisions.


Few companies where change in management happened:

  1. IM+ Capital
  2. Aurum Proptech
  3. Eureka Forbes
  4. orchid pharma
  5. Sejal glass
  6. selan exploration
  7. Swiss Military
  8. Monngipa Securities
    There are many more companies but these are few companies that Iā€™m tracking.

Great thank you Aditya, I did take a look at Aurum Proptech, Orchid Pharma, Selan and Swiss Military, looks interesting.

One more question, is there any site which lists all the companies alphabetically and their last 5-6 quarters performance in one view?

I think Tijori Finance & Screener provide these kind of services to paid members.