Treasure of information

This Annual letter by Coho Capital contains a treasure of information. Exciting read :relaxed:CohoCapitalLetterStockBaba.pdf (503.0 KB)

The concept of self-reinforcing business model is exciting. Jio with its bundle of apps has great scope of monetization. If they judiciously use data analytics they can analyze consumer behavior, and target consumer wants. Hence, DATA IS THE NEW OIL. It’s telecom license is IP based, where communication is data based, i.e, relying on the Internet. Jio has networking effects, where 1 user adds value to another user unintentionally, it is also highly scalable and future ready to adapt to 5G.
What are your views?

Great article. Looking at the valuation mentioned am tempted to invest in these companies. Seems to be cheaply valued compared to Indian cos.

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