Transformer & Rectifier India Limited

In a recent IC by hdfc, if m not wrong on TRIL, they said how TRIL has potential to supply to hydrogen manufacturers as well for transformers. Looks a good 1-2 year play from here. Amazing rise in stock prices in a weak market i must say

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If you compare TRIL and Voltamp, on value matrix / ratio - Voltamp is superior but market is giving more benefits (PE upward re-rating) to TRIL. Could you please explain reason behind it. W.r.t product and quality both are good and both are having good market share

Voltamp transformers have workers going on strike since Oct and uncertainity continues. As things stand H2 would be equal or lower than H1 or else Voltamp always good

In the official notification , they have told that Savli Unit resumed production from 156th Nov … Do you stay in Savli ?

No i dont stay thr. 1 or 2 reports by few brokerage house says that this is frequent. Will wait to see how the q3 numbers are. BBL numbers were strong

May be I am wrong and I don’t have any proof to support my statement.

At one point of time me and my friend were holds considerable quantity of tril shares, as we started selling our holding it gradually started moving up.
It’s purely operator driven . Is there anyone who holds considerable quantity.
It’s actually worth 10th of its value if u compare it with voltamp.

Disc . Bought at 10 and sold at 9.:blush:

its a cyclical play. Entry and exit is important here
Current order book is highest ever in the history of the company
Raw material price come down may help to increase the margin
capacity utilization is 70 % last quarter
Announced capex after a very long time which will live on fy 24 (75cr)
investing community says that management ethical and good governance


What is the size of the capex in terms of MTPA? and yes results are today and expected to be good. Others have posted good numbers, Shilchar, BBL and Voltamp

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management interview after q2 result

MArgins impacted in Q3. Also Depreciation error impacts PAT