Tracking BSE Announcements

One of the key takeaways of @ayushmit investment presentation is to track the BSE announcements of our portfolio stocks and those in the watch list.

I found bseplus is very easy to create your portfolio, watchlist and track the announcements in one wondow. There is no need to keep checking for each stock one by one, this watchlist, portfolio view is very handy. and its free.

you can create a account or login using facebook

its a simple tool, thought of sharing with others …


Thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks for sharing
One point pertinent to note here is that this bse announcements could be the breeding ground for new multibagger stocks as well. Ayush mentioned it also few days before i read in interview taken by ian cassell of microcap clubs with mike where they spend a lot of time on sec filings equivalent to bse announcements to search for new stocks


i use google alert for any activity on my selected stocks. that could be used in addition to this as it gives the varios article out there mentioning your company


I use Google alerts for tracking company related information.

But please look at for BSE announcments. I found it very helpful. also helps in tracking announcements

Hai all
The idea is ok but I have doubt whether the announcements will reflect in watchlist at same when we get it on bse main site.


Can you please tell us how does helps us in tracking announcements?

after using it i can say it is very useful and i was wrong. sorry. thank you

Kindly added your stocks in the watchlist. They will send you email at night probably around in the next morning

Thank you for your update

You can also check Useful for getting instant alerts of your related stocks on BSE announcements.

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Hi guys, does anybody know how to “Search” BSE announcements (say within last 1 year or 6M or 3M) with certain keywords and NOT specific to any company? E.g. “scheme of amalgamation” “FDA” “investor presentation” etc? Thanks