Top Largecap Stock Picks for Long Term : Largecap Portfolio

Hi Friends,

I have created largecap stock picks for long term in which I am invested ( planning more to invest ).

Please let me know whether my picks are bad, good or outstanding.

Will welcome your suggestions/advice/recommendations for stocks addition / deletion in this list.

  1. Asian Paints
  2. Bajaj Finance
  3. TCS
  4. HDFC Life Insurance
  5. Astral Ltd.
  6. Relaxo Footwears
  7. Thyrocare
  8. ICICI Bank
  9. HUL
  10. Titan

Will welcome your suggestions/advice/recommendations for stocks addition / deletion in this list.


Hi Shakti… Welcome to the World of investing…
Investing in stocks is all about thought process. Try to write the reasons and thesis behind each of stock picking… Without your thesis other members can’t guide you on whether your thoughts correct or not… Lets take the example of Asian Paints… Why did you choose asian over berger or other paint companies. Write qualitative as well as quantitative factors behind on that… Have you considered the valuations of asian paints?

Investing is all about learning…So don’t fall in the camp of large cap stocks are always safe… Keep Leaning and Wish You All the best…


Thanks a lot @hunter .

Though I am not an expert, below are my observations for choosing these stocks…
Pls correct me wherever I am wrong…

  1. Asian Paints : Market leader in paints industry, excellent quality, ROE of 25%, consistent growth in sales & profit, high institutional holding of 28%, will grow at fast pace once the real estate sector is back in groove which is expected soon…

  2. Bajaj Finance : Leader in NBFCs, excellent quality, excellent use of technology in their processes, ROE of 16%, consistent growth in sales, PAT, EPS, high institutional holdings…

  3. TCS : Leading the IT sector in India, excellent quality & brand value, revenue from all parts of the world, consistent growth in sales, PAT, high institutional holdings, ROE of 35%…

  4. HDFC Life Insurance : leading life insurance company in private sector, tremendous scope of growth especially after the pandemic, trustworthy brand…

  5. Astral Ltd. : leading the plastic products industry in India ( PVC etc… ), trustworthy brand, govt plan to invest hugely in this sector ( reflecting in the annual budget as well ), ROE of 18%, debt to equity ratio is also low, net profit growth of 238% ( March’ 21 result ), high institutional holdings…

  6. Relaxo Footwears : leading footwear brand of India, ROE of 18%, net profit growth of 97% ( March’ 21 result ), consistent returns over last 3 years…

  7. Thyrocare : one of the finest & growing pathalogy labs of India, ROE of 21%, low debt to equity ratio, high institutional holdings, increasing penetration in tier 2 & 3 cities…

  8. ICICI Bank : strong brand of India, will play substantial role in making India 5 trillion economy, best yearly results amongst banks ( March’ 21 ), strong provision coverage ratio of 62%, high capital adequacy ratio of 15.6 %, declared positive results for the last consecutive 10 quarters, very high institutional holding of 90%…

  9. HUL : strong & trustworthy brand, largest player in the consumer segment, strong fundamentals with ROE of 60%, consistent growth in sales & PAT & excellent quality…

  10. Titan : very strong brand, consistent performer & wealth accumulator for many years, , ROCE of 25.6%, high institutional holding of 30%, excellent quality…

Will welcome your suggestions/ advice / recommendations…


Nice portfolio. It will perform better over long term. Keep adding periodically.

Thanks Akash…any of these stocks you feel I should exit…or any other long term stock you recommend apart from the mentioned in my list…

It would be better if you make an investment theme you are comfortable with. It will help you when market falls. You can add to a position during downturn only if you are comfortable with it.
For example, I am not comfortable with leveraged financials and prefer debt free financials. Banks and NBFCs are great wealth creators and have some of the best quality companies but I found it difficult to buy during crash.

Regarding which stocks to sell, no one knows which stocks will give you highest return so better hold all for at least 3 years. When you find something better and have no additional capital, partially sell from the worst performers (bottom three perhaps). Completely exit at one go if it violates your investment thesis.

Although you are saying being not an expert but is highly doubtful because your selection and concentration speaks volume about your study, experience and allocation skills. Great :ok_hand: picks and very good businesses to own. It will serve the purpose whatever is intended within reasonable time frame. Keep going.

@Shakti_Srivastava , you have narrowed down to very good companies. Your portfolio has a strong possibility to outperform the markets. However, here a few observations:

  • While the investing theme is about picking large cap stocks, you have added Thyrocare which is a small cap and Relaxo - mid cap. Do not get market cap agnostic. Understanding the industry size, growth and the company’s runway for growth depending on the current market share is more important.

For example, lending is a huge market in India with the size estimated to be at 140 lakh crore. HDFC Bank which is a large cap stock has less than 6% market share when looked at the industry size. Similarly, GMM pfaudler which is a small cap has a 50% market share in glassline vessels where the industry is niche and estimated to be at 1500 crores. Do spend a few hours and note down what is the total addressable market for your portfolio companies and then calculate the growth rate which is put on a stock using reverse DCF. You’ll truly understand how assumptions in growth are critical.

  • If these are the only 10 companies which are part of your portfolio, it shows you are a concentrated investor. Concentration is great for building wealth but it hurts equally in downturns as well. If you are new to this and equities form > 50% in your asset allocation, try to diversify is a wee little bit

Wishing you the very best of luck

Thank you so much Vinayji.
Looking for diversification.

Scanning below stocks :slight_smile:

Mastek ( IT ) : Midcap
Sequent Scientific ( Pharma ) : Midcap
Orient Electronic ( Consumer Electronics ) : Midcap
Vguard Industires ( Consumer Durables ) : Midcap
Jash Engg ( Industrial Equipments ) : Microcap
Dwarikesh Sugar ( Sugar ) : Smallcap
Firssour Solutions ( BPO ) : Midcap
Eclerx Services ( BPO ) : Midcap
Cera Sanitary ( Ceramics ) : Midcap
Asian Paints ( Paints ) : Largecap

Vinayji, your views on above stocks ( if you are tracking any ) & any strong bets from the above list.


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I do not understand IT and Pharma space well enough and hence don’t track any such companies in these sectors although I have minor positions in large cap IT and Pharma names - HCl, Cipla and Lupin. All of them were purely based on valuation call and form less than 10% of my portfolio (combined). Had bought them in early part of 2020 before the market mayhem and have been rewarded handsomely all thanks to the huge amount of luck. Haven’t added to my positions in the last one year. Staying in the portfolio for the sake of diversification

I had investments in Cera and Asian Paints earlier but sold out due to smaller positioning and rise in valuations. Both are very good quality companies but are linked to growth in the housing/real estate sector which is currently in a fantastic tailwind. If you already own these stocks, good to hold them. While I am not great at valuations, it would be testing to buy them at current valuations which are capturing a bulk of the story.

I am tracking V-guard from the above list but company is struggling to grow for the past 3-5 years. They’re also challenges in maintaining their operating margins which is stuck below 10%. However, the stock has run up significantly. So, not touching it anytime soon unless the odds are massively in our favour.

Orient Electric is recently listed and has been doing well. Started studying about the co slowly but don’t like Birla group and hence staying away as least for the time being. May revisit in the future

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You should also look for companies in speciality chemicals. They have given very good returns in the past and will hopefully give so in near future and ahead. India has lot of potential in this field.

Ya currently studying Alkyl Amines, IG Petrochemicals & Kilpest India…

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Hi All,

Please find my Current Portfolio :

Large Caps :

L & T Technology
Tata Steel
Tata Motors

Added below small - mid cap stocks for alpha returns :

IEX : Monopoly in power trading & platform based digital take.
JTL Infra : Good and improving balance sheet & future prospect in Infra sector.
Mastek : Good management & financials.
Tata Elxsi : Cloud , AI & EV take.
Tejas Networks : 5G prospect & orders in hand.

Will appreciate views on my stock selection & diversification for long term…


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Please update the post with company-wise allocation and average price, otherwise it is impossible to understand sector concentration (you have 5 IT stocks) and overall margin of safely of your investments.

Since you are new to market, avoid cyclical sectors like Infra. These are too tough to understand or at-least don’t allocate large.

Also, I don’t see any pharma and FMCG names in your portfolio. Any particular reasons?

CDSL i have been holding from 1200 levels. I sold it recently because in the concall of CDSL, their management made remarks about per user activity decreasing because of the real economy coming back and the average user activity they see decreasing .