Top 5

  1. Panama Petro

  2. Precision Wires

  3. Austin Engineering

  4. Indag Rubber

  5. Haldyn Glass

)- Welcome any thoughts and insights.


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Hi Pradeep,

I really liked Panama Petro from your picks. Really liked the fact that since its a B2B business, they can easily pass on the increasing costs to their customers. Will you be willing to share your knowledge about this company, in particular

a)about its management,

b)how is the competitive landscape,

c)reason for decline in 2010 sales?

Kind regards,



Had invested in this earlier…but somehow didn’t get the confidence on the nos of Panama. Also couldn’t get any feedback on the quality of business etc.



I like Austin Engineering a lot and have a largish position (%age of portfolio). The last couple of years have been difficult but that seems to be true across the industry. Company pays out a pretty good dividend and overall growth is reasonably given that it is in a sense a core industry. P/B is extremely attractive. Unfortunately, the stock recently moved to call auction instead of continuous trading making the shares probably hard to come by. The last time the stock fell to this level, promoters had initiated a buy back upto 54 bucks though the stock traded all the way up to 90. Our own valuation with fairly conservative assumptions pegs it at 120+.

No catalyst though. Unless there’s a buy back or something.