Top 5 stocks for y-y growth

I have just 1 year experience in share market investing and i am just 24 yrs old now.I am more interested in Y-Y compounding growth stocks rather than multibagger.


Without HUL products it is very difficult to run a general store.It have pricing power in most of their products(beauty products). ROE more than 100.proven track.


Same like HUL, but in tobacco .without ITC cigarette can’t run a shop.

3.Tata Global Beverages

I visited tamilnadu recently .I can see in so many shop selling Tata gluco + at 8 rupees. i can also see so many gluco + bottles in dustbin(most of them outside of dustbin).In hotels i can see tata water +.Office i can see tetly green tea bags.

4.Asian paints

No explanation need.but i don’t have money to buy asian paints now.but in near future i will buy.but i invested in above 3.

5.Ashiana housing ltd

do read annual report for companies mainly in small cap and mid cap. that should help u.

“do read annual report for companies mainly in small cap and mid cap. that should helpu.”

Hi Navtej,

Thanks.Yes.I started reading annual report nowadays.But i need more experience to read and clearly understand the annual reports.Now before investing in a stock ,i will read the last year annual report and last 10 year ROE ,ROIC ,CARG ,Dept ,Reserves.

Started learning many things from valuepickr .most of the fellow members are really genius.


You are young and have time on your side. Lucky you! Rather than commenting on your picks, I’d say that you should start reading some good books. From the ones that I’ve read, I suggest you read One up on Wall Street and also The Thoughtful Investor. These two are easy to read and might help you develop an investing mindset. At least they helped me :slight_smile: