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Top 5 Picks - Abhishek

Here are my top 5 picks at this time. Holding time-frame is 3-5 years.

1). Shriram Transport Finance Company - India’s leading NBFC. Niche business which is practically a monopoly. Interest rate easing should augur well for the company in the long run. Shrirams are well known for their conservative management. More or less 20-25% growth expected CAGR for the next 5 years ( lower in the current or next year and picking up later).

2). Mayur Uniquoters - Well discussed stock on the forum. Nothing to add. I like the fact that they are preparing to scale up by recruiting senior industry people. Here scope of opporunity is very large.

3). PI Industries - Again, well discussed stock here. Thanks to Donald for coaxing me to look at this despite my initial biases :-).

4). Astral Poly - Again, well discussed stock here.Good growth prospects in the medium term. Not very certain of a longer time frame, but looks good for a 3 year horizon atleast.

5). Yes Bank - I like the way the bank is managed. Banking in India is a sure shot business with limited downside if managed well. Large growth prospects.

I have significant % of my portfolio in all these 5 stocks above. Other significant positions I have are in Sintex, Supreme, Opto & Titan. Beginning to build positions in eclerx as well.

Views welcome.


Hi Abhishekh,

Eclerx looks gr8 on Numbers front, My only query is, Their major business comes from Europe , don’t u think the current mess in europe will have any impact on this one?

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Also to add, Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya finds this one attractive for LT investment, as he mentioned it in forbes article recently.

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Sorry about the last post but my comments didn’t appear… so here i go again! Not an expert but i think since it is in KPO, the companies would need their help in downturns too… so might surprise us with not much of drop in earnings!!

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The biggest risk to my mind for eclerx is the reliance on their top 5 clients. The top 5 contribute about 85% I think. Another, not so critical risk, is the possibility of the larger IT companies (with BPO subsidiaries/divisions) getting into this high-end BPO/KPO business.

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Another VPier appeared in ET today. Your contribution to investor community is commendable
**Congratulations! Abhishek Dada. **
Excellent article in times abundant data is pouring in the ocean of digital world.