Tools to track the technicals and fundamentals

Are there any websites / tools which allow me to form a portfolio or watchlist and track them for changing technical and fundamental numbers. I know provides a good fundamental summary of company stocks. Is there some place where I can create technical screeners or both together? I would prefer free or low paid services.


You can check out . you can take a trial with 10 dollars for 05 weeks

Not a direct answer but I really strongly advice to not mix fundamentals and technicals. If you pick a stock based on technicals, just forget the fundamentals and if you do it based on fundamentals just forget the technicals.

Why? Because our brains are terrible at consistency and get swayed one way or the other because of biases. It has happened numerous times to me, I’ll pick a stock based on fundamentals, and then when I should sell, my brain will say ‘no but technicals are fine, keep holding’ and I’ll miss out on selling it at the right time. Similarly reverse also.

Once you are extremely confident that you can master your emotions and will not sway, only then it’s time to mix the two. This will take a few years of serious investing at the very least.

Just take this as an advice from a long term investor and a well wisher. :slightly_smiling:

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Fundamentals are like building foundation on which technicals are built. Once you have selected a fundamentally strong scrip, one can use the technicals for Trading short term. Recent examples - Torrent Pharma ( from 1189 to 1445 yesterday), Ajanta. When a scrip reaches overvaluation stage, use the technicals to book the profits. Recent example - Kitex. ( From 1000 to 340).

Technicals Means only Price action and RSI and FIBO. Dont use any other indicator as all are useless.

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Agreed. Thanks. I am more an investor who builds portfolio in parts. I pick fundamentally strong stocks and put it to my watchlist. But often miss the trigger points of low RSI etc. Hence I wanted something like which allows me to keep a tab on the fundamentals of the company to build my watchlist and then keeps track of the technicals to evaluate what to buy at the end of the month. I am no swing trader to use technicals on any stock. However my question was about which platforms provide both views.


There’s this site which has list of stocks screened by technical indicators…don’t have any idea how useful it is …

I guess thats the best available. But doesnt provide BSE only.

Ideally it is not supposed to shave with axe or knife and glass is better for drinking than in flat plate .You need full tool kit having multipe tools for diirrent purposes i don’t know the exact solution but i found following sites and tools are prove good for me You can explore these

1 ) ; develeped by our VP seniors
than -> in the corner type the company name
than -> select the companies tab
4) Mostlly for technicals

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