Toll highways collection companies

since the NHAI is going digital…
they are slowly handing out NHAI digital tags… which will be stuck on the window shields of the cars. so the amounts will be auto debited…also ppl are slowly travelling more and more by car as the india infra/growth story continues.

i belive in future …the toll collection will be much higher on the books actually shown…less juggling of money (not showing actual revenue which they collected … at the moment they avoid much of it )

so wondering, which companies of toll tax collection will profit from them ? any idea

Noida Toll bridge, IRB Infra?

GMR INFRA also. It is handling tolls for few highways in telangana and andhra pradesh roads.

Your best bet imo is IRB InvIT Fund, It’s structured to fully payout 90% of free cash and has higher standards of corporate governance than vanilla equity investing as there is less the company can really do with your money. Reliance is also coming out with a road asset InvIT I believe.

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Hi… I think MEP infra would benefit from digitization of tags as they have already developed this.