Tinna rubber - recycling a rubbery growth path

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Did you reach out to the company regarding this huge anomaly?

I may be wrong, but the only thing that explains the variance is perhaps the changed classification of Crumb Rubber in the infrastructure tower (refer slide 10 of the FY24-Q1/H2 presentation).
Earlier, “Crumb Rubber/ Tyre Crumb (< 80 mesh)” seems to have been classified under Non-Road (refer slide 19 of the FY23-Q3 presentation).

This explains the infra revenue anomaly, but does not explain the weight split.


Can any from industry share price trends of Styrene Butadiene rubber raw material for tyre industry.If possible share raw material changes compared to last year

Check out the growth of crumb Rubber globally and Tinna Rubber is a well known player.

Crumb Rubber Market Share, Demand, Analysis 2023-2032 | The Brainy Insights.

Industry and Management discussion at Valorem Meet


Pointers from Tinna Rubber & Infra’s Q4FY24 concall (May 28, 2024)

On capex:

  • INR 35-40 crores of capex & process improvement spends expected in FY25
  • Debt is being serviced in an efficient manner. Management considers debt as an excellent option for raising funds. Their balance sheet can support it and if needed they will raise debt for any capex requirements as the need arises.
  • New plant at Varle can generate INR 75-100 crore topline when operating at full/optimal capacity. The Varle site (it is a 13 acre site viz a viz Chennai which is 5 acres) also has additional space to ramp up operations significantly if needed in the future
  • INR 30-35 crores spent on the capex of the Varle plant. The Varle plant can crush passenger car radials which their other plants can’t do.

On growth:

  • From a macro standpoint demand for all their product lines remains robust especially the infra sector.
  • FY25 guidance is 500 crores (~120 crores a quarter needed to achieve the target).
  • FY27 target remains at 900 crores
  • 25% cagr growth quoted till FY27 can have a further upside if everything falls in place. More roads are using rubberized asphalt. If the pace of the adoption continues like the last 1-2 years there is a chance they may grow faster than projected.

On margins:

  • Setting up a solar plant by Q2FY25 to save energy costs. INR 1.25 crores to be saved annually once the plant is up and running.
  • Red Sea impact costs (~10% increase) being passed on to their consumers. Figuring out other ways to hedge against the cost increase.
  • Margins have improved due to multiple things like, dealing with better customers - ones that value better service and delivery, better product mix and product lines and operational efficiency.

Other pointers:

  • Exports as a % of revenue was 8% in FY24 (INR 24 crores)
  • EPR gains first reflect in the topline and then it flows down to PBT. EPR generated for FY23 (~50,000 - 75,000 credits) resulted in sales of INR 6.6 crores in FY24. EPR for FY23 was not entirely sold. The sale that has been made is a direct sale to an OEM manufacturing tyres
  • EPR for FY24 is still to be received by the company.
  • Oman facility is operating at 80-85% capacity. Not much growth expected here and the business is more for generating cash flows. They may expand to other countries too if good opportunities come up
  • 75-80% capacity utilization of plants for FY24

Disc: Invested as a tactical 3-year bet. The recent run up in the stock has made it a decent sized bet in my pf. Will continue to hold as the management has been executing very well.


Insightful video on tyre recycling:


I think honorable minister Nitin Gadkari back as minister for road transport and highways is a big boon for this company.

Discl: Invested and biased.

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Thanks for sharing this video. This is such a beautiful eco friendly business with so much potential for further usage of end of life tyres.

This video is a must watch for anyone invested in this business or looking to learn more about it. Honestly, I’m surprised no mutual fund has entered this business yet considering the ESG theme/criteria it fulfills.

Disc: Invested

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That is because of small equity capital and promoters hold the max 73.5% holding, leaving less on the table for FIIs and MFs.


So far the promoters and others have sold 1.9 lakh shares in the open market in 2024. So is it a normal profit booking or something is cooking?

While 1.9 lakh sale appears to be very insignificant as the promoters still hold over 73% in the company. On the other hand, it is to be noted that, about 90000 shares were bought by PGA securities on the same day when the promoter sold.

Could anyone write to the company to find out reasons for selling in the open market. Thanks.

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