Tijori | View Key Non Financial Metrics from Annual Reports

Hey Value Pickers,

Having been a long term investor for a while I’m well aware of the time and effort required to constantly keep oneself up to date of the latest developments occurring in the company’s we’re tracking.

In order to assist investors get a quick overview about a company we’ve created a prototype where users can scan through and get a better understanding of a company’s key metrics such as:

  1. Market Share
  2. Revenue Streams
  3. Geography Break-Up
  4. Product wise Peer Break-Up
  5. Investor Overview
  6. Suppliers
  7. Customers

Links to the source files on all the data displayed on the site have been embedded as well.

The link below takes you to one of the sample companies we’ve covered.

Please Note:
This is just in a beta stage and there are a few errors which we’re in the process of cleaning out. The current version covers companies listed on NSE with a market cap > 1000Cr (around 700 companies) We intend to index and map out all NSE listed companies as well as plug in company financials and other features within the next 6-8 months.

I recently came across the forum and was very impressed with the standard of questions raised here and the general quality of discussions. Thought this would be the ideal ground to reach out to serious / long term thinking investors and request user feedback on our tool.

Our aim is to make accessible key company metrics in a very simplified manner and hence help more people learn about and discover new investment opportunities and I’m hoping valuable feedback from a strong forum like this would help us get closer to our goal.

Please do write to me with any pointers / suggestions.


I just started checking it. But I can say that it is different. In midst of umpteen websites ,the concept is refreshingly fresh.Kudos to thought process. Let me dig more.

At this stage the site is very basic for value investors as the information can be easily obtained from investor presentations. However, if you can improve the information provided to such as insider trading, related party transactions, management compensation etc with peer comparison, this could become a very useful filtering tool.


Great job Sir…I love the concept :blush:

Hi Nitin

Appreciate the kind words.

Yes our main focus has been to new and more powerful way for user’s to discover and evaluate investment opportunities.

Please do explore the prototype and I’ll be very happy to address any issues / concerns / suggestions you may have.

Hi Susindar,

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Our initial objective was to extract key metrics from annual reports, investor presentations etc. for all companies and display it in one place. This data has also been indexed to enhance filtering capabilities. So in the near future we when we plug in the stock filters you would be able to filter using any of the existing financial metrics as well as business metrics (such as filter geography, products, raw materials etc.)

We are also extremely keen to showcase a company and how it interacts with the rest of its business ecosystem. Currently a basic version of our plans is available in the ‘Connections’ tab on the site. We would be looking to boost the capabilities of the connections feature by flagging:

  1. Insider Trading
  2. Related Party Transactions
  3. Suppliers
  4. Customers
  5. Peers
  6. Director Relationships
  7. Investor Relationships
  8. Family Relationships where possible😊

But as always our goal is to remain factually accurate and we will always provide the links to the sources of our information.

Again sincerely appreciate your feedback, I will keep updating this thread as and when we have any new updates and I’m looking forward to more feedback.


Good initiative

Would suggest you to include an option to report the bug on the websites

example relaxo business driver is showing Rushil decor information

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Hey Aman,

Thanks so much for spotting this error. It has now been corrected.
We are working on the next release which should be out in 2-3 weeks time, will make sure that your suggestion of an error reporting system is incorporated in that release.

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Thanks Manoj:)

We’re adding a couple of new features soon, will update here when it’s out.

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We would really appreciate some feedback / thoughts / suggestions on the following two features which we’ve been working on:

  1. Operational Metrics
  2. Charting Tool

Operational Metrics:
Our software has integrated multiple sources and extracted the most relevant industry specific metrics so that anyone analysing a company can get a comprehensive overview of the operational efficiency as well.
You can check out some of the metrics for any major companies in industries such as aviation, telecom, refinery, hospitals, cement, banking, insurance, hospitality etc. Please do let us know of the current structure provides clarity and /or if you would like to see any other metrics.

You can find this in the ‘Operational Metrics’ section, sample shown below, you can find the link here: Tijori Finance

Or you could compare a company’s metrics against its competitors in the ‘Analysis’ section:

Please note that we are still a beta product and our algorithms used to identify competitors and the type of metrics etc are still being refined. So do flag any errors you spot.

Charting Tool:
We thought it would be much easier/simpler to analyse a company’s financials visually rather than in a tabular column, so through the charting tool you can now plot a chart for any line item in the balance sheet, p&l or cash flow statement. You could also use the tool to compare a metric against multiple other companies. Do play around and let us know if you find this useful. A couple of use cases are:

Comparing share prices between competitors:

Comparing a particular line item on the P&L statement (eg Employee Cost) against peers.

You can find the charting tool by clicking on the chart logo located on every line item of the balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement. Use this to compare a particular financial metric against any other company.


Alternatively, you could click on the chart logo on the top right corner of the screen. With this you could compare any financial metric against any other metric.

Again as mentioned above, we are still in the testing stage so we are open to any suggestions / feedback on any of the features, metrics etc. you would like us to look into or modify.


Wow. Was quite impressed with the insurance sector. Would be nice to see historical data as well. Also I suggest you do your analysis on consolidated numbers.

Superb. Just want to make sure whether the Operational Data on your website provide us info as on today, latest one?

If you can, add promoter Holdings of a company for last 5 years in analysis

Yes, all operational data is currently as of today.

The frequency of update is based on the data source and could vary from weekly / monthly / quarterly etc. We’ve set up processes to scan and update the data as and when it’s available.


Very soon, we will be providing users with access to add/modify fields in the analysis section based on your preferences.

Thanks: )

Yes, we understand the importance of viewing historical trends of the operational metrics & we’re working on it. But this will take us some time to roll out because of the volumes of data we need to analyze in-order to extract the metrics.

As you try to make your website refreshingly different,I would suggest if you can add free cash flow analysis .If possible, the historical trends.

This is a fantasitc intiative. Happy to support however I can . I am sure the other readers here have given a lot of good inputs. Let us know how you are getting on and what your plans are for future in terms of offering this as a service…


You can add 9th Point. Add Promoters salary.

Yes, FCF analysis is something we’re definitely looking into. If by historical trends you mean for operational metrics & market share - then that is certainly something we’ll be plugging in shortly.