The Warren Buffet Way - by Robert G Haggstorm

This is a must-read book on Warren Buffet way of investing, analyzing businesses, etc. It has a detailed account of specific companies chosen by Buffett and the exact context in which such stocks were chosen. It talks about several companies which Buffett invested starting from the 1960’s and has value info. on the stock prices, valuations, business fundamentals, etc…which can shows us what to look for a in a good business.

I have read this book. It is a decent read and better than many other books about Buffet.

If someone really wants to understand Buffet’s principles and thoughts, it’s very important to read ALL his annual letters and form his OWN opinion - there are NO short cuts. The letters are published as a book and if you have kindle (or any kindle supported platform like ipad), the electronic book is very cheap.

A huge collection of FAQ - a must read. Unfortunately, the site is down now.

As they say, half knowledge is dangerous. Getting a partial understanding about Buffet through books written by others and trying to follow his foot steps is dangerous. This is my view.