The Tiger Roars

Found a reference to this interesting report (published by BCG & CII in Feb 2012) in Jyothy Labs’ annual report and thought it might be of use to many folks. The report covers aspects like - size of the consumer market in India, expected growth until 2020, consumption basket, purchase behaviour, importance of brands in purchase decision, etc.

The insights contained in this report would be particularly useful to people who invest in consumption oriented stocks, especially in trying to size up the moat.

Sample this - “Highest brand indecision is seen in computers and small home appliances”.

If nothing, a statement like the one above, might at least compel you to dig deeper into the strengths or lack of it of lets say an emerging small appliances player like V-Guard that has already been marked up by the market to 20X earnings!

The Tiger Roars: An InâDepth Analysis of How a Billion Plus People Consume -

P.S.: Sincere apologies if I have posted it in the wrong section.

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