The Looser's Port

Dear Veterons, Gurus and Mango Men(like me),

I have been following this forum for last 1 week and boy am I amazed with the knowledge available here as well as the great pics and analysis provided by gurus.

After dabbling in derivatives for years, and successfully loosing a large chunk of my hard earned money, finally again now I have started making a portfolio.

the guiding factor is instead of loosing 10% everyday, better to loose 10% in a year, in the worst case say.

Please guide me on the following portfolio , i made reading the analysis posted here. I have used my own brain as well and am convinced except for a few q's

here is how it looks:

stock buy price % holding
repco 317.11 28.175729
tkk 2900 13.429036
hawkins 1917.95 14.432364
indus 420.95 29.23941
yes 339.15 14.723462

my questions and please help me in these:
1. any other stock currently fair valued that can be taken up. the ones discussed here have really gone over the roof and I am scared to touch them.
2. why repco, why not dhfl, which has lower pe ratio and a higher book value. Sorry but only these things I noticed, as I am still not well versed with other major indicators. also why dhfl fall so much to 100 levels ??
3. what about indiabulls home finance, that has not run up so much. it has good div yield as well?
4. is it still a good idea to hold on to hawkins and tkk when they are not moving much now? why not ttk better than hawkins, after recent 30pc fall.
Please guide me ..