The Glass Ceiling

Some women are out-earning men, but increasing those earnings returns through investing — not so much.
Many of these women take a back seat and turn investing over to their husbands or a financial adviser.
But women can be excellent investors, both professionally and personally.

One book worth reading here is “The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth”-
by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

What are your thoughts on this topic…

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Hello Ann,

Women certainly are capable of being excellent investors. No doubt about that.

Although investment in stocks is particularly misunderstood in our country, equally by both genders.

I believe, as the awareness spreads, we will be witnessing more women investors in the stock markets.


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Your thoughts are appreciable Punit.

What you have mentioned is the answer to the problem we discuss. The problem is that we live in a patriarchal society. Our mindset is such where men are/were considered superior, quite biasedly I shall add. Hence, in order to see whether women are getting similar chances/benefits/progress as men, we compare women with men.

I totally agree with you though. The best way to remove gender bias is not factoring in the gender of a person at all.

I’d like to quote, “A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.”
― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Since I’m asked to edit, i’m removing my comments

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@punitm306- you are entitled to your opinion, but I dont respect you flagging someones quote as ‘rubbish’.

I think this is an inappropriate thread. Adding no value to investing community


Go slow :smile: Take a breath …phew
Why cant we delay gratification in absorbing a contrary point of view …Why do we have to butt in harshly/immediately to prove a point at the cost of someone else’s …

Let’s show respect for others views. Let’s not be abrasive. Lets retain civility. Let’s be courteous. Lets be kind. and make for a civilised discussion.

Let’s make the Moderators jobs easier…


Rather than discussing gender biased views, let us focus on how to encourage more women taking active part in stock investment.

Can we just stop discussing gender related issues?

We are better off discussing money. Doesn’t really matter if it’s his or her.

I think its a great opportunity for VP to be more inclusive and invite more such members.
I am sure we will get ever better ideas, eg because of left/right brain theory etc and other complementary skills
Who knows this time a lady doctor can find a next Ajanta pharma :smile:


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Here are our observations:

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