The Future Fanatics

Dear Valuepickr members,
Most, if not all, must be aware, or must have at the very least heard of the term Intelligent Fanatics, coined by, if I’m not mistaken, Mr. Ian Cassel, the veteran investor.

An intelligent fanatic can be described as someone whose dedication to his enterprise is unrivalled. With the extraordinary characteristics intelligent fanatics are endowed with they can take their businesses to heights unimaginable.

In 2015, a book named Intelligent Fanatics, authored by Mr. Cassel and Mr. Iddings was released which discussed such remarkable businesspersons. The book featured those who had grown their businesses in a singular fashion and were on the path to reach the zenith.

Initally, I was sceptical of the belief that some leaders possess an essence that enables them to be such achievers. I thought that it was a clear case of survivorship bias, outcome bias, halo effect.

But, after deliberation, my thoughts have evolved and I do feel that businesspersons who achieve success that’s dream like for most definitely have something that separates them from the rest and facilitates their ascent.

If that’s indeed true, can we try and predict, the next generation of visionaries in the Indian economy?

If indeed, we succeed at doing so, it could be an incredibly enriching outcome.

So, instead of focusing our energies on analysing the past, should we try to find the traits consistent in visionaries? Should we try to study the circumstances that promote success?

I believe it’ll be worth the while to scan the Indian
business populace and try to find those who’ll make a mark in the future.

Collaboration always works better than working in isolation. If all of us associate I’m fairly certain that we’ll take a step forward, in the right direction to discover the next batch of ‘Brilliant Entrepreneurs’.

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OmFurn promoter - The guy started as an Carpenter, Something you can research about more.

Dear @AmitContrarian, Many thanks for participating in this activity. Om Furniture is definitely worth exploring.
In the meanwhile I’ll share the story of a person I believe is worthy of appreciation.

Intelligent Fanatic, is an honour that should not be restricted to those with massive enterprises, seated in their corner offices overlooking the serene sea, dressed in expensive outfits and living the good life.

But, an Intelligent Fanatic is any person who doesn’t give up in the face of adversity. It’s the person who is resilient, the person who looks for an opportunity in suffering. The person who’ll give every task his best, is, in my opinion a major contender for being an Intelligent Fanatic. The base rate for startup success is low, rather very low. But, there are some traits that can improve the odds of success. And, those characteristics are precisely what we’re trying to find.
Anyone among us could be an Intelligent Fanatic.

The Dosa Plaza Success Story:
I’m quite sure that those who are residents of Mumbai, or those have visited Vashi railway station must have heard of a Dosa restaurant called Dosa Plaza. I refer to Vashi because that is where the business was established.

The success story of Dosa Plaza is no less remarkable and awe inspiring than any other startup success story.

About Dosa Plaza: It’s a chain of fast food restaurants with 45 outlets in various countries. It was established in 1997.

History: The founder of Dosa Plaza is Mr. Prem Ganpathy. His determination and dedication defeated the difficult circumstances life placed him in.

Mr. Prem Ganapathy came to Mumbai when he was 17, without informing his family.
Once in Mumbai- The City of Dreams, he found an employment opportunity at a bakery that paid him a salary of Rs. 150

Over the next two years he performed odd jobs at city restaurants and saved money. He also delivered pizza bread and then started working as a dishwasher in Navi Mumbai.

In 1992, Mr. Prem Ganpathy took the leap of faith and started a business of selling idlis and dosas opposite Vashi Railway Station. He faced a lot of problems but instead of giving up, he found ways to deal with them. Between 1992 and 1997 he was joined by his brothers. The menu at his outlet featured 10-15 Dosa varieties.

In 1998, he rented a space and launched his restaurant. He blended Chinese cuisine with Dosas which received very positive reviews from customers.

In 2003 the first branch of Dosa Plaza was launched at a mall and a franchise store was opened.

By 2008, the business had gone global.
Dosa Plaza continued to diversify and there has been no looking back.
Today, the variety of Dosas offered at Dosa Plaza is truly amazing, astonishing.
Dosa Plaza not only pleased customers with an extensive menu that caters to different palates but also generated several employment opportunities thereby contributing to the economy.

A truly remarkable, breathtaking success story.

Noteworthy characteristics:
2)Slow and steady rise
3) Resilience

In my opinion, the success story of Mr. Prem Ganapathy deserves more attention and applaud.



Is Dosa plaza part of a public company?

It’s isn’t.
I should’ve restricted my post to listed companies. But, ever since I learned of the past of Dosa Plaza I wanted to share it. It’s a story that’ll hopefully inspire confidence in people.
Now onwards I’ll restrict my content to listed companies.

can you throw some more light on the OmFurn Promoter

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P C Mustafa
Company - ID Fresh (still pvt company, Azim Premji’s investing arm invested in them)


Dear @harshb232,
My genuine apologies for the late response. I currently don’t have enough information on OmFurn. I’ll have to read and only then will I be able to post.

How to buy omfurn. I want to take entry in this so that it is easier to track this. But icici direct is rejecting the order.

Dear @LearningToFly,
I’m not aware of the process of investment in OmFurn.

I think you have to buy this in lots. Minimum lot size is 6000 which will cost at least Rs120,000 to buy a tracking position at current price.

Thank you Susinder, I think you are right. The offer and bid quantity are in multiple of 6000.

No problem Shreys, thank you.

can you please disclose the name of the company.
If possible code of the company also.
Thanks bro,

This is already mentioned Prasad. It is omfurn. Look at moneycontrol.