The compounder portfolio - seeking feedback

Portfolio Thesis 7Nov20.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Hello All,

Enclosed my portfolio as on date. Objective is generate a steady 12%-15% CAGR over medium to long term. Seeking inputs / feedback / guidance from the experienced community members.

Thank you!

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U can get many more good stocks for no 6 of your portfolio
Why Trident
Any special reason

@Sun_Light_17 Rationale mentioned in the table. Also inclusive of dividends its kind of given me returns close to 55-60% in 2-3 yrs. So I have good margin of safety here. However open to ideas and recommendations.

Yes I agree
And I have read your views
But how do you look at its scalability in the next 3-5 year

Discl : invested at a much lower levels

But somehow keep On asking myself as to why I should hold it for long time

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