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Tejas Networks - Macro Tailwinds and A Bit of Luck can Upgrade the Business?

In this post, lets discuss some of Tejas’s customers -

Following is the list of customers I could gather by going through ARs, conf calls →

  • Airtel
  • JIO
  • Tata Communications - large enterprise service provider
  • BSNL
  • Power Grid Corporation of India
  • RailTel corporation of India
  • Ciena (No longer supplying)
  • L&T
  • WIOCC - West Indian Ocean Carrier of Carriers
  • Sacofa, Malysia
  • Total Play, Mexico
  • C3ntro Telecom, Mexico
  • TelOne, Zimbabwe

Another thing is most of the deal wins are mentioned in following link →

Let me list down some of them →

  • May 2021 - TelOne, Zimbabwe (Telco, ISP), TJ1600 DWDM 100G, Network Capacity Expansion
  • Mar 2021 - GigNet, Mexico (Digital Infra), All products (PON, DWDN, Packet Aggregation), Network Capacity Expansion
  • Jan 2021 - AGC, Afghanistan (Telco Infra), TJ1600 Metro/Long Haul DWDM, TJ1400 PTN, Develop Network
  • Dec 2020 - South East Asia, TJ1400 UCB (Ultra Converged Broadband - Supports Optical/Cable/WIrelsee) - 13mn$ order - to be executed in 12 months
  • Nov 2020 - C3ntro, Mexico (Wholesale Carrier), TJ1600 DWDM, Upgrade Optical Backbone
  • July 2018 - MCM Telecom, Mexico (Enterprise Service Provider), 100G DWDM
  • Jun 2018 - ICOSNET, Algeria (ISP), TJ 1400 UCB
  • Jun 2018 - Wheat State Telephone, Kansas USA (Rural Carrier) - TJ1400
  • Dec 2017 - BTCL, Bangladesh, TJ 1600 DWDM, Connecting Undersea cables at Kuakata to Dhaka

I have skipped the PSU/B2G projects from above list.

Now some flavour on customers from conf calls →

Q4 FY21 Conf Call - Selected by two Indian telcos for FTTH and Backbone capacity expansion


  • Mexico customers are covered above, 6 customer wins in USA
  • Repeat business from WIOCC in Africa

Q4 FY19 Conf Call
Some more flavour on customers

Metro Capacity Expansion With Tier 1 Telco - 300cr worth of orders over 3 years

Other than above, they have big customers in SE Asia, especially SACOFA in Malaysia.