TechnoFunda with anshu

I am posting my technical view for feedback from esteemed fellow boarders.

This should also act as one of the transparency measures and may be considered as my disclosures on my stock picks.

here i post for only knowledge, entertain, and view exchange purpose.
no recommendation give here. i am also not a SEBI register analyst.

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Greaves Cotton Ltd
this is a weekly basis chart. volume base indicator- force which I used this give me a strong signal. trend line also going to break upward. and try to break the side wise consolidation phase from 2015. sector is also moving up. new segment like 3/2 wheeler come to market it would be help it.

Stove Kraft Ltd
this is weekly chart. after listing there is no such movement in this counter. [Ashish Kacholia] sir acquired 1.75% Stake. cash flow is positive. expanding in new region. investing activity is high. 550 is good zone.
technically sounds good.

really interesting we need to check how it will react 175-176 level .once it break will consider

Economic value addition is more than PE.
In the yr of 2021 to 2022 EPS falls from 24.18 to 9.1 that time price already corrected 1150 to 750. That’s why PE became expand 36 to 52. The EVA & PE gap is maximum in 2022. But in 2023 company deleverage 239Cr. Net debt from 416 to 167. and EPS also increase 9 to 39 (which is all time high EPS at that time) so PE drastically decrease to 16.
Now current scenario increase of EVA is higher than PE. co Fixed assets purchase also increased. And price is also making all time high (breakout @1188)
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