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Techno funda bets

@sethufan If you see the initial post, I don’t think Nooresh put any stock tips. He is seeking inputs on some stocks that he has identified looked at. Ideally, we should NOT focus on trading & tips. Any discussion focussed on long term investment should be welcome.

Thanks for vigilance. Please continue to keep a close eye on all threads for the quality of content. It is people like you who make the platform what it is.


I think @nooreshtech has had a good record of combining technicals to good companies. It would be great if he can become active again and contribute here :smile:


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Hi Sethufan,

TA gives early indication of unfolding movie.

eg, i bought Vaibhav gems (now global) @ 48 june 2nd week, anuh pharma @ 145 feb 2014, etc.

if you see TTK Prest, 16 years it hasnt given much return, but after 2009 breakout it has give massive return (this again due to re-rating, cc cycle reduction, working capital improvement, aggressive mktng etc).

so every TA pattern has something in built changes in funda.

I do combine TA+FUNDA, combining both gives some edge.


Dear Sethufan ,

You cannot Ignore the power of techno funda combination , if you are really good at technicals and have basic knowledge of fundamentals . I have 4 yrs experience in Indian equities . Since day one i have followed the Techno funda method . I was successful in selecting stocks like Krbl CCL product , cox and king ever ready , Hitachi etc .

I will suggest you to read "Invest with success " by Dr. schaap . It will help you to gain confidence on techno funda picks .

disclosure :- I may be holding the above mentioned stock .

Just curious to read your disclosure statement. You “may” be holding? Aren’t you sure? :smile:


It would make more sense for guys to put their buys in real time putting in some sort of logic as to why they bought the particular scrip based on technicals. . And if possible posting charts with some logic of the techno bet should provide interesting insights.

It should not be viewed as a recommendation but could be used to verify the hypothesis at a later date.

And everyone has the right to be wrong and there should not be any element of ridicule about that. All these things should be meant to enhance knowledge.

I was just glancing thru Anthony Bolton’s (one of UK’s most successful long term fund managers who created enormous wealth for shareholders of Fidelity Special Situations fund in UK) book THE ANATOMY OF WINNERS and there he specifically mentions that he used to follow charts to follow price actions of stocks which he bought. So there’s nothing wrong if technicals can help a bit in entry or exits or as an idea generator.


From my 3 years of experience in investing I found 50 200 day ema combination a very successful tool. When ever 50 day ema crosses 200 ema if you see charts of companies most of the time it will give good results. I have been benefited from this strategy.
I do believe that technical patterns are formed as byproduct of fundamentals progression of companies.

Unfortunately Tony does not post anymore but his thread is a great resource to learn about technicals -

@ basumallicl sir i cannot mention i still say i may be holding :blush:

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@hitesh2710 can you please give an idea of a good charting resource on the web or some tool that can be downloaded. Basically i would want to create and plot trend lines, support resistances and possibly patterns. I use something that i built myself, but would like to have a more professional tool. Any indicators ? Thanks.

I know you asked Hitesh, but I’ll like to point you to in case you like candlestick/PnF charts. They have other technical indicators too

@J2EE Professional chartink is one good resouce, thats the only place where PnF charts are enabled. BTW I learnt point and figure from Tony in this forum. I am not sure about other places where they offer PnF. Also you could try chartnexus. This is a downloadable application and they cater to Indian markets. Only candlestick charts are offered in chartnexus. They provide 2 years of data but if you data beyond that then you have to opt for paid data which is available for 15 years.

@NikhilJain and @sabsubs …thanks guys. Truly appreciate it. Now trying to explore both the tools.

Don’t mention it. Whatever I know about stocks, most of it was learned here at valupickr, directly or indirectly. So just helping back what little I have to offer

Disclosure: Don’t have much understanding of Software /IT companies…not invested…looking for some inputs from those already invested…

Mehnazfatima,your analysis looks much ahead of time ,but wat time frame is it set for,its bussness model might not support your views,resent talks of demerger and some deal from Rajasthan cud be triggers it possible to post one more review of aurionpro on charts with your favroute tools pls,perhaps something positive will reflect with regards to the above chart posted.Many thx Madam/Sir

@Mehnazfatima Aurionpro Solutions has recently sold its Subsidiary Cyberinc to KPMG for 218 Crores. Now for a company at sub 500 Crore Mcap 218 Cr is Hugh. If i am not wrong Subsidiary contributed for 25% of Revenues. Company has sold its subsidiary just to focus on product driven growth. Their shift from service driven growth to product driven can help increase margins further ,so the valuations. Now its very intresting to see what they will do with 218 Crores. As per my view 50 Cr will go as tax outgo, remaining 170 Crores can go into buyback and special dividend. but i was surprise not to see the announcement about it even after they have recieved money 2 months back. May be in upcomming results things will get clear. If promotors dont do any stupid thing by investing it in some unrelated areas this is poised for a big move and multiyear breakout… and what you expected in charts for long term may be a meduim term possiblity.
@ 232 It is poised for a big breakout.

Pl have a look at the quarterly chart of Aurion pro…today the stock has closed above the long term resistance line…once it stays above the breakout line for a few days, then the next resistance is @ 340 above which the stock completes long term cup and handle formation…once that is done then the upmove becomes more predictable…the stock may rise up to the levels as anticipated earlier…changing fundamentals will fuel the upmove

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im a newbie in charts but to me further upside is not possible before a retest of 220