Tech/Special Situation heavy portfolio

Inviting views from fellow members in the forum.
Open to constructive criticism on the portfolio


If this portfolio is the only exposure to equity (no MF’s etc) I feel the balance of allocation can be looked at across market capitalisation and across sectors. Too much in small cap / turn around and also some stable compounders may be included to add stability.

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The point regarding the marketcap rebalancing is taken.
I have been trying to do it bit by bit.
Have recently exited a large chunk from Happiest Minds and moved to Mindtree. Will try and tweak it further to diversify marketcaps.

With respect to sectoral allocation, as the name of the thread indicates it’s a Tech/IT heavy portfolio ~ with close to 55% of pf in Tech/IT(Tech/IT+Chemicals+Alcohol ~ 80%)
I believe that Tech/IT will continue to outperform most sectors and has tailwinds going for it.
And hence the tilt to Tech/IT.

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Will try and reduce holdings in core portfolio but will continue to add other Special Situation Opportunities

Dear forum,
Would appreciate inputs on the portfolio.