Taxation implications of booking losses in various asset classes

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Would be helpful if people can comment on taxation implications of booking losses in different asset classes.
Most articles online are focusing on taxes on gains and not on losses. Hence would be helpful if someone with good knowledge (like a CA) can explain the rules. Or some good link to an article also helps.
Eg: MF equity, MF debt, Gold ETF, Stocks, NCDs, FnO, Real estate, savings accnt, FD etc… short and long term for each and what can be netted off against what and carried forward for how many years

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A detailed article about tax implications for various asset classes is here. The two most relevant things to know are:

  • Long-term capital loss can be adjusted only with long-term capital gains, not short-term gains. But, short-term capital loss can be set-off either with long- or short-term capital gain.
  • Short term capital gains from debt can be offset against short term capital losses from equity. This is really useful as short term capital gains from debt has taxation equivalent to your tax slab.